Why overseas dentists are cheaper than in Spain?

Prices for dental treatment abroad lower than in the European Union and in the United States determines many people solve their dental problems abroad.

This phenomenon was named the dental or dental tourism in Albuquerque has achieved a dynamic in recent years.

By now we all know what are the  advantages of dental tourism , but we have one more question:  Why are so cheap dentists abroad?

The difference in  price for dental treatment in Moldova  is so great that many wonder whether such savings are not quality. And it is very likely that this will try to convince the Spanish dentists (they do not want to lose the benefits, among others, are not small).

I want to assure you that in Moldova dentists use the same materials and the same tools and methods worldwide. Foreigners arriving in Chisinau, Moldova have the possibility to treat teeth in the best dental clinics and dentists best Albuquerque.

 So what is the secret of the “Affordable Dentist in Albuquerque NM” abroad (Albuquerque )?

There is absolutely no secret – the fundamental difference is that in Moldova everything is cheaper compared to other countries.

  • Rent a commercial space, the capital of Moldova, Chisinau costs on average 6-12 € / m2, while in Madrid-20-29 € / m2. ( source )
  • The average salary of a dentist in Moldova is 150-500 € per month in Spain is € 3000-4000. ( Source 1  Source 2  source 3 )
  • The same applies to the cost of electricity, water, heating, advertising expenses and administrative costs.

From here you can explain this significant difference, especially when the patient requires expensive dental care as full mouth reconstruction.

 “But as for travel expenses and lodging? No outweigh the potential savings? “

In most cases, the treatment will not last more than 10 to 12 days. To live in an apartment costs on average € 30 per night meals around 10 €. The flight (eg, from Madrid to Chisinau and back) costs around € 250-300. Total expenditures are about 600-800 €.

Placing a single dental implant and a crown of metal-ceramic in Moldova, you can repay the cost of the flight and life. Everything else is your savings.

The visit to the dentist in Moldova will leave a lot of pleasant experiences and, above all, give you a beautiful smile and confidence for a lower price than you imagine. To know the cost of dental treatment abroad (Moldova) requests a totally free quote from our cheap dentist.