The Spanish who dethroned ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

“I wrote ‘ Are we slept together? ‘ because he was angry. ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ (CSDG) has sold 15 million copies and it is a bad book in every way especially two as I am outragedme. does not have any, or vital “literary value.Andrea Hoyos, the author of the story that has driven EL James in digital sales of Amazon, it has outraged the success of the trilogy that has revolutionized the literary scene in recent months. “I think a poor text, limited, geek, paternalistic, goofy … I think that the problem of ‘Fifty Shades’ is to call literature: it is a fairy tale with penetration, clothes, sadomasochistic techniques and little psychology.Women are not, do not want and do not excite us as well. We are a thousand different ways, each different, but not that. “

Perhaps for this reason, the publicist of 37 years, with no previous experience in the publishing world, has caused quite a stir by publishing an erotic story that applies elements of the formula CSDG (you know: powerful man smug-woman fascinated by its charms-torrid affair), but far from the hackneyed stereotypes that many joys been reported to EL James. “I wanted to see whether I could do otherwise. If you write sex to sell and people to read, write; but it is well written. Pain gets, gets illusion, talent gets, gets sex, and skin gets really gets “he says.

Let no one expect a naive virgin entranced by a mature driver. In ‘Are we slept together?’sex, disappointment and dalliances between who took power in a relationship are areas in which the protagonist, Andrea (also publicist), moves with ease. “Andrea has (like me) 37 years. If at that age was a demure virgin, if she had not fucked, it would be a Martian or a sick, “says the author, who says his heroin” is a woman who has lived, who has loved and been abandoned, is a woman knowing that a man is not everything and still seeks love and be giving smacks. She is a woman like almost all I know, that does not deceive themselves. “ A story adapted to the times that run in response “to the geeks and redemptive profiles that estilan in some literary fictions. Because, apart from the books and movies, I know men and women who also want to believe that, that all the aunts want to get married, control and let parents. “


‘Are we slept together?’ has outsold ‘Fifty Shades of Grey PDF‘ on Amazon

Photo: Raul Arias

Hoyos says he was “surprised” by the sales of his first story (Amazon does not provide exact figures of their best sellers). “My fear was that I could not promote in any way: without money, without wanting to give my name to avoid unwanted weird looks and recognitions, without media …”. Despite his fears, in a few weeks ‘Are we slept together?’has managed to overtake the three titles of EL James. “After the first day it was sold because recommended in their accounts of Twitter a few friends, it is now running word of mouth is being sold because it is good, not because it is fashionable or means what they have dubbed the last publishing phenomenon. And, really, I live with pride and hope: if it sells what is true, what is skin, which has quality … same is that no future, “said hopefully.

Perhaps Hoyos opted to market their story to rebel against simplistic literary archetypes, but clearly could not have done best. The reviled ” porn for moms “destroys everything, even with untouchable genres such as science fiction. Last August, in full swing of the phenomenon, the British booksellers warned of a decline of up to 25% on sales of fantasy novels, which could reach 30% if treated horror stories. If you glanced atthe list of bestsellers in fiction, eight of the top ten titles were erotic novels.In Spain, however, still scope and impact of Hurricane James is unknown. From the Federation of Publishers’ Association of Spain (FGEE) say until next year they can not assess the consequences of CSDG market.

Without the ability to have official ratings, just take a look at the developments in the sector to understand how far you can get the fever for the new female erotic. If some have chosen to raise the tone of literary classics, the more astute have chosen to republish (and adjust the marketing model CSDG) one of the books that Christian gives to Anastasia in the first part of the trilogy. It’s ‘Tess of the D’Ubervilles’ by Thomas Hardy. Now converted into ‘ Tess ‘(Ed. Backlist) and cover a much more suggestive than it had in the past, the novel tripled its sales in the UK after Erika L. James confirmed that reading had inspired him to write erotic saga.

andrea hoyos

Andrea Hoyos plays (semi) Anonymity with its premiere in publishing

Photo: Andrea Hoyos

If at the beginning of the economic crisis some targeted fashion refuge in the post-apocalyptic horror paranormal offering movies and series, it seems that what sets us now, pun, get a hundred. Explaining if not all clones of the trilogy on the shelves of your local bookstore, the rise of merchandising fetish for couples crazy to imitate Christian and Anastasia, or even some specialized photographers take advantage of the literary pull to the resurgence of ” boudoir “in the most intimate perched.

The author of ‘What We slept together?’ however, denies tags. “What is erotic female? Because I do not know. I am a consumer of literature and I have put (horny, that is) texts of all kinds. Manara , of course, that it stole from my brother. And ‘The Ages of Lulu ‘Almudena Grandes. But also, and more, people like Philip Roth.There is a passage in ‘ Sabbath’s Theater ‘with which I have masturbated often intellectually and physically. “ It seems that is not the only support this theory. Look if not these girls as they read passages from Walt Whitman or Bret Easton Ellis. Read, now more than ever, it’s a pleasure.