The Spanish Association of Pediatrics presents a practical guide for parents

The Spanish Association of Pediatrics presents a practical guide for parents

Parents with children up to three years are in luck. The Spanish Association of Pediatrics has launched the Practical Guide to purchasing a perfect baby carrierĀ for Parents in collaboration with Dodot to . It is an easy reference book that provides concise information on issues related to the development and care of the newborn and the warning signs of the most common diseases in these stages.

The vice president of Primary Care of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, Fernando Malmierca, recognizes that there are many guides pediatric market, “but the peculiarity of this new guide is that it is made by a score of pediatric specialists in each field in order provide the most concrete and practical parents’ information.

This guide aims to answer the most common situations that families and caregivers for the first time, have a baby face in their homes. To this end it has been divided into five chapters:

-Preparando Arrival: where it is approached from everything that happens in the final weeks of pregnancy to childbirth, postpartum, the brothers …

-First Stage: the infant from 0-12 months, the child of 23-36 months premature baby.

-The Day baby: vaccines, sleep, psychomotor development and senses, accident prevention, best baby carrier for men,etc.

Attention to the usual processes, when consulted? : focuses on issues such as crying, fever, cough, acute diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, skin …

Psychosocial-aspects: the choice of childcare, play for the child, education or adoption.

Dr. Fernando Malmierca insists that “this guide is not intended in any time substitute pediatrician, which should be visited before cuaquier question or concern.” The purpose of the AEP is “put in the hands of parents and caregivers a book easy to read and compression, updated daily publication, so that they have the information they sometimes like to have in your own home environment, helping them complete the information that gives your pediatrician or even prepare before the new baby comes home. “

The manual, which is published in print and digital versions, including the latest news and updates in the field of childcare. However, aware that pediatric-childcare is a dynamic science in constant evolution, added upgrades necessary in the digital version.