The photo booth in Spain

At worst ‘God save me or the devil take me with him – I come to spend what Generalissimo, I do not understand politics. But I say, in my ignorance, it would be desirable in the vain attempt to save the regime we had just not fucking democracy, even if you have to, should be in the position of having to choose, prefer vice versa. 

All Spaniards are the fourth turn, to a greater or lesser extent “necessary cooperators” while helpless victims of what is happening. As Serrat sings, “is never sad truth, which is no remedy.” 

Albert Boadella that “Catalonia is unrecoverable,” because you can not fight two generations educated in the hatred of the Spanish says. (…) More troubling, if anything, is that the irretrievable container, broken glass, bears the label of Spain, who goes around naked, as the king of Hans Christian Andersen. 

The robbers have robbed the house of Belén Esteban and have led to lace panties Princess of the people. One of these case with the Iberian farmhouse, which trotted you will end up taking a hostión of April 14 at the edge of the heated pool, as Carmen Lomana in Splash. 

Write Inda that “the simple picture of the Infanta Cristina Castro appearing before the judge, will do more harm to the first institution in the country that all Republicans together in 38 years juancarlismo efficiently.” 

Eduardo goes left over from reason, although it remains to see Cristina do the little walk.Well would however not get so peliculero and melodramatic to enhance their heroic contribution to the lost cause of democratic regeneration, and instead of sticking both mucus, do an exercise in humility after reading the column Raul del Pozo and recognize that much office to learn from reporters really race still has. 

We scared shitless by nuclear threats from Kim Jong-un, the Falete in Southeast Asia, and do not repair that there are much more disturbing and bloody that the downfall of monarchies, which have been threats where best is always in exile . 
The undersigned does not deprive him luck snack that can run the Royal Family, not family, which I deeply hope all sorts of adventures, but as royal. What really should concern us is that the institutions come down categorical sense, because then we’ll really find out how much is a crown that is not exactly the one wearing the king of clubs in the deck of Heraclius Fournier. 

Spain under suspicion is itself a sinister intentions judgment. Non petita Excusatio, accusatio manifest. We would end before and we would be cheaper if Gallardón, Notary Mayor of the Kingdom, Minister ordered enable fairgrounds House as courtroom, as when the macro view of rapeseed. They could go marching one by one, not so much “women who smoke” and hustlers who make the street to the auditorium doors, but all defendants who have been crowding in court waiting to sit on the bench, from pickpockets and sewer branch to the Dukes who brought disgrace and lead us to ruin. 

Victoria of Sweden has had to abandon his rest on the coast of Almería overwhelmed by paparazzi. Pity zagala! (…) This writer is about to do the same with Spain, verily fleeing to Alaska, even knowing risk of encountering Bárcenas. 

National Board of PP: Finding Nemo. Barnyard Roosters excused their presence and Mariano, the first third of flags, finished applauding his ears subordinates. 

Prietas rows, minions make the wave again the leader. The faithful flocked to the five songs ready Swan launched by the muezzin from the minaret of Genoa thirteen, with the only hope to check in person that The Boss was still alive. There were even those who came to touch the hand ready to put him in the side, emulating the Thomas Gospel, to make sure it was not a hologram. They had cheered as Tina Turner, who are we home, although he had insulted them. These are surrounded by cepilleros who can not bring anything good. 

Although the glory took the disciple Diogenes of Sinope, because it had more pull than his master, was Antisthenes, the founder of the Cynic school, the eccentric barrel, who left said the flatterers are worse than crows, because while the crows eat the body of the dead, flatterers devour the souls of the living. Many of the idiots who made his fortune as courtiers should take to recogepelotas to audition for the Madrid Open. 

Spain is portrayed daily El País, which was once a major newspaper, and today serves neither to wrap the fish, but only for so brilliant colleagues as Anabel Díez, well worth pursuing buying it for the greater glory and splendor of Cebrian. 

That pamphlet paisino resort to photobooth hire melbourne, can be explained even without a pass. Retrospective fallacy: you judge the past on the basis of this (…) But the morbid Spain take the bait bait strung with shit on skewer, has no forgiveness possible. 
There are expectations Nunez Feijoo, one of the anointed in the succession race with more projection in the boat of PP, which have been diminished after the blissful background aboard the sloop of Marcial Dorado smuggler, the friend who came out frog, makes it an egg years; but the electoral expectations of Rajoy, who will end up doing good to Zapatero. 

It can only be one, as in Highlander, before greyhounds who aspire to pepera highchair consume conspiracy and end up digging the trapera dagger between them until only standing the alpha male, after burying the hatchet in back to all rivals. 

We complain of political disaffection, but go that is not equal to or more justified journalistic disaffection. Jean Paul Sartre: Nausea. Clearly, more arcades causes listen to Chinese white ponytail suggesting the desirability of setting limits to the press beyond the Criminal Code. 

The photo of the week has not been, in my humble opinion, the summer snapshot of Alberto, but fronted by attorney Yolanda Molina, former wife of terrorist Thierry, the daily El Mundo took his cover all of it takes a energúmena, calling the French doctors rabid dogs, having dispensed a savage and inhuman treatment the former head of ETA, you will need more than mercy. 

I worry that we know an egg is colonizing the zebra mussel; but more alarming me seems to colonize us tontuna and Montoro has decreed the right to relief the bingueros. 

If we do how we do it is because we trust our fortune “Chiquiticos birds” as Maduro recalling that appeared to him in a dream incarnate ghost Chavez. Here in Spain, do not know how we managed, but only appear to us birds. 

With such a scenario, you’d better take advantage Mariano trip to Rome to ask the Pope Francis to pray for all of us, because we will need. In one of these we read rights on the tail of Carrefour.

Written by

José Antonio Ruiz