The day the Government of Spain expelled the CIA spies

The documents revealed by the exanalista NSA Edward Snowden never cease to amaze the world. Each new filtration highlights the huge machinery developed by US intelligence to spy on any part of the world, regardless of whether they are potential enemies or allies.

The discovery that the NSA has been intercepting communications for several years in several European leaders, including President of the Spanish Government, Mariano Rajoy, is the latest chapter in a scandal that seems endless. Many voices have complained that the only response to this revelation Executive has been convening the US ambassador to confirm or disprove the veracity of the allegation and claim that tougher action.

Measures such as those revealing Fernando Rueda on the blog “Stuff reserved 3.0″ that took Felipe González in 1986, after discovering that the CIA was using Flexispy to spy privacy of the then Deputy Prime Minister, Alfonso Guerra, and one of the most influential men and powerful country.

According tells Rolling on his blog, the CIA station in Spain decided to prepare a dossier containing all the details of public and private lives of War, with which to extort and guide their decisions to the defense of US interests. To perform such an ambitious deployment, they decided to seek help from a former security agent Moncloa. This did not hesitate to put the matter before the CESID -the current CNI, who became a double agent in charge of collecting evidence of the plot organized by Americans.

Having obtained a wealth of information that left no doubt about the intention of the CIA, Gen. Emilio Alonso Manglano informed the Prime Minister. A year earlier, the CESID had discovered other actors preparing an operation to place microphones in the Moncloa Palace and this was the straw that broke the camel’s patience Felipe González.

As a warning, Gonzalez ordered to deport the eight members of the official delegation of the US agency, in a move that sparked a diplomatic row, according reveals himself Fernando Rueda in the book”The sewers of power” , served -headquarters to Langley headquarters of the CIA understood that Spain could do whatever they wanted.

Almost thirty years after “Operation Gino” seems that US intelligence has forgotten that lesson.