The books that should be read by every Mexican politician


Some authors that scholars recommend the politicians

If you want to take your political culture you have to read. But in the hundreds of free ebooks and essays that have already been published, what are the most important? consulted two intellectuals to facilitate the search, and with that to avoid that trastabilles like Enrique Peña Nieto when asked by books that marked his life.

“We have to be aware that the less as part of a general culture, and more if we are in the logic that is a public figure, Peña Nieto would have to generate some approaches to literature that will enable to have a knowledge of politics as a profession,” said political scientist Víctor Manuel Alarcón in interview.

The author of the works “Party systems and elections in Mexico City 1988-2010″ and “Political science in Mexico, challenges and dilemmas in his teaching” recommends the following titles.

The shadow of the warlord

Martín Luis Guzmán

“It’s a reflection, especially for a PRI as, he argues, be Peña Nieto.At least to understand how spend them in his party. It is a symptomatic description of what remains the Mexican political class,”said Alarcon.

Mass and power

Elias Canetti

“Great novelist, but here shows other aspects (such as essayist) to learn about the ways in which large companies are wrapped in speeches and rhetoric, and how being promoted under unfinished promises of leaders and warlords.” It is still extremely current.”

The Hedgehog and the Fox

Isaiah Berlin

“A classic work about introspection and characteristics of intelligence, decision and audacity. All a polarity of concepts which the politician has to move continuously, to motivate and guide its action”.

The betrayal of the intellectuals

Julien Benda

“Speaks of the responsibility of those who are members of the media, and, at the beginning of the 20th century in France, from the clergy. In that sense, we extrapolaríamos it with the opinion leaders, authors, and all that we are in the construction of the public”.

Right and left

Of Norberto Bobio

“What he defends really right and left? In the middle of discussions, it examines whether pragmatism allows very different cutting alliances, if democracy can be achieved at any cost. Used to enter the basic premises of contemporary political discourse. It is an always relevant author.”

Manuel Larrosa, political scientist of the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM), shared the following list of fundamental works for anyone who wants to be political in Mexico.

Democracy in Mexico

Pablo González Casanova

“It is a text that opened a way of doing the political analysis in Mexico about the data base hard, statistical and sociological treatment. Their approaches remain in Mexican reality”.

The Mexican political system

Daniel Cosío Villegas

“The author produced probably the best general history of Mexico that exists. The trial went beyond all academic circles, not only in Mexico, but in Europe and United States “.

Minimal history of Mexico

Daniel Cosío Villegas

“A relatively old text, but classic”.

Mexican liberalism

Of Jesus Reyes Heroles

“It is a very valuable text in what refers to the reflection of political liberalism, not economic liberalism.” The text comprises three deliveries, written between 1957 and 1961.

Country of lies

Of Sara Sefchovich

“It’s a devastating text on the political incongruity and the reality of Mexico.”

In its special edition of October last, the magazine who, group expansion, published a list of “key readings” by Angel Dehesa Christlieb. Here you share those books of reference for Mexican politicians:

Soft homeland

Ramón López Velarde

All it had to recite sometime in elementary school. This poem, written in 1921 by the zacatecano Ramón López Velarde, describes a Mexico that newly out of the shocks of the revolution and whose future was still uncertain.

Lopez steps

Jorge Ibargüengoitia

This classic gives us a particular vision about the independence of Mexico, taking the bronze from the heroes and making them flesh and blood.

Christmas in the mountains

Ignacio Manuel Altamirano

Published in 1871, it tells the story of an army captain Juarez that is lost in the mountains and is greeted by a Spanish priest, natural adversaries that are ground in common.

365 days to learn about the history of Mexico

Alejandro Rosas

In a country with more than 500 years of history, there is an interesting event for each day of the year. Alejandro Rosas is not only an excellent historian, but a great popularizer of the knowledge.

The gesticulador

Of Rodolfo Usigli

The masterpiece of the author. A man who by chance have the same name as a hero died in the revolution, adopts his identity to scam a U.S..

And also, to complete your library, we recommend these classics:


The Republic




About the Republic

St. Augustine:

The city of God

Tomas de Aquino:

De Regimine Principum (the monarchical Government)

Thomas more:







The city of the Sun

Francis Bacon:

The New Atlantis


Political writings


Politically, treated theologico-political treatise




The social contract


Two treatises on civil government


Perpetual peace