The benefits of sport at any age

Physical inactivity is the leading cause of 21-25% of breast and colon cancers, 27% of cases of diabetes and 30% of the burden of ischemic heart disease,back pain, according to experts.

On the occasion of World Day of Physical Activity and Sport , held on Monday, the coordinator of the Sports Medicine Vithas Hospital Our Lady of America, Dr. Alvaro Herrera, wanted to give a number of tips for exercise safely from the 35, among which perform a medical examination before starting to practice sport and have an adequate, comfortable, safe and quality sports equipment.
The physical inactivity is the main cause for approximately 21-25% of breast cancers and colon cancers , 27% of cases of diabetes and approximately 30% of the burden of ischemic heart disease , according to data from the World Health Organization Of the health.Therefore, Dr. Herrera stressed that like to beĀ  regular dental check – ups to ascertain good oral health; when sport is performed, is “vital” take care of food and hydration, as they must be appropriate to the activity undertaken.

The escalation in the intensity, duration and frequency , are also critical, because you have to combine activities impact and low – impact activities . In addition, at the beginning of the activity must be carried out a comprehensive and specific heat, and the end is critical of stretching to prevent injuries from all major muscle groups, whatever the type of sport. Avoid physical activities in high heat conditions , especially if the humidity is high, or there is intense cold , no exercise during or in the days to infectious or febrile illness; cease the activity and seek medical advice before any abnormal symptoms , and not forgetting the advice provided by qualified doctors, trainers and physiotherapists, are other of the tips shared Dr. Herrera.
On the other hand, from the age of 65 it is important to note that 85% of the population suffers from some chronic disease and 45% of any heart disease . In addition, there is a high prevalence of arterial hypertension, a high percentage take some type of medication and, finally, in many cases there are antecedents of some pathology. Therefore, it is desirable that this population group perform an annual medical examination as complete as possible and appropriate to the person and the type of activity to be performed; Avoid prolonged or very intense physical activity ;Carry out low impact activities;Avoid risk sports;To practice physical or sports activities in groups to be more playful, and to take into account that the physical activity disproportionate for the age increases the cardiovascular risks.

Benefits of sport in childhood and maturity

Incorporate sport facilitates reaching maturity in the best possible physical condition . This habit can start at an early age, from the age of 6-7, as it “will allow children to grow up physically, mentally and emotionally,” said Dr. Herrera.

Thus, children engaged in some kind of physical activity regularly strengthen their self – esteem ; Learn to control their emotions; improve their psycho-motor development, coordination and social skills ; Promote academic performance; Improve their body awareness and care, and develop a stronger musculoskeletal system, increasing the elasticity of tissues and allowing healthier growth.

In addition, the sport in the smaller also makes better maintain their body weight, preventing obesity ; Improve sleep quality; Decrease the risk of type II diabetes mellitus, hypertension and other cardiovascular risk factors, and favors those that do not initiate into toxic habits, such as smoking.

Dr. Herrera also noted that increasing physical activity in midlife brings benefits such as improved quality of life ; Helps to improve nutrition, maintain adequate weight and prevent obesity; Favors the prevention / elimination of toxic habits such as smoking; Reduces blood pressure; Improves anxiety, depression and stress; Improves self-esteem, and prevents the elevation of glucose numbers thus reducing the need for insulin in diabetics.

Finally, some of the benefits of sport at maturity undergo increase levels of HDL (good) and lower levels of cholesterol LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides , improve the quality of sleep , agility, reflexes, aerobic endurance, muscular strength , speed, joint mobility, or the immune system, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and senile dementia .

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