Summer camps for teenagers with mental health problems in Northern California and Northern Nevada

Adolescents with intellectual disorders and learning often feel isolated from their peers and feel that they may not attend a summer camp. However, several sleep away camps for teens in New York and worldwide in Northern California and Northern Nevada are designed for teenagers with disabilities. These camps provide accommodation so that campers can do almost everything a teenager with typical development would experience at a summer camp. The time away from home can also offer respite to families and brothers.

Campamentos de verano para adolescentes con problemas mentales en el norte de California y el norte de Nevada

Summer camps offer the opportunity to develop social skills, while providing fun outdoors.

Camp Lotsafun

Camp Lotsafun is headquartered in Reno, Nevada, and features sessions of camp in the northeast of California at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. These places offer many opportunities for recreation outdoor activities, like swimming, hiking and rope courses. Camp Lotsafun serves those with a variety of development, communication, emotional problems and learning. Trained staff have a therapeutic approach to improve health, fine and gross motor skills, self-esteem, security and self-management skills.

Unlimited camping: Camp Krem

Camp Krem is 60 miles south of San Francisco, in the Santa Cruz mountains. Campers are children of five years or more have a wide range of disabilities physical, emotional and development, such as Autism, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Camp Krem offers three programs: Main Camp, which reflects a traditional camp with arts and crafts program, activities outdoor activities and games; Outdoor Adventure, that gives campers an experience complete outdoor gardening, stargazing, and cooking in the open air; and Travel Camp, where campers visit parks or places of interest in the Northern California and Northern Nevada area.

Camp Altitude West

Camp Altitude is located on the campus of Menlo College in Atherton, California. This camp serves people with disabilities social, intellectual and learning, while a formal diagnosis is not required. To attend, campers must be able to work in a group environment, maintain a conversation with assistance and complete skills of daily living in an independent way. Camp Altitude has a field to sleep away from home for children in sixth through 12th grade, which focuses on the development of social skills, Executive functioning, coping skills and independent living skills.

Nevada CampCare

CampCare is in Zephyr Cove, Nevada, on the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe. Held during the third week of July and serves six to 22 people with learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, and Visual and hearing disabilities. CampCare is focused on providing education and outdoor activities, self-care and socialization opportunities. Musical performance by the campers are brought to the family the last day of the camp