Psychics advance the outcome of the match Chile v / s Spain: Win Chileans

In “True Lies” program, broadcast on Channel Network, tarot readers and psychics as Psychic Source, Karem Rodovalho and Rolando “Alban” San Ginés agree that there will be a favorable game to the Chilean team.

However, the game will be controversial because according to “Alban” will be expelled for a foul play where the Spanish flyer Iniesta will be involved in a brawl with Chilean selected. Also, Zita Pessagno said the Spanish players were presented violently against the South American team, thus seeking to injure three Chilean players in order to win the game.

Meanwhile, Karem Rodovalho recorded that Chile will not get a negative result alluding to there being a possible tie or a very narrow victory against the Spanish selected. “I Chile if the game will go to the second round in the World Cup Brazil 2014,” he said.

If these predictions are or are not a mere chance or have validity, is something that will be resolved by the results that occur in the finals, in order to understand the consequences that can bring in sports.

From california psychics review, psychics predict results Chile v / s Spain:

Rodovalho Karem says that Chile will go to the second round: