Prohibited the massage parlours in LaSalle (erotic or not)

Foto: Flickr / DoctorWho (CC)

The massage parlours and escorts east london were forbidden in LaSalle, regardless of whether they are of erotic massage or not. This occurs while the Mayor of Montréal, Denis Coderre, search still a way of tackling these trades, considered as a problem for the city.

The Mayor of LaSalle, Manon Barbe, said that these salons are not allowed in your jurisdiction.

The current regulation allows citizens to open spaces to offer massage therapy and escorts montreal, but can not call the place as a “massage parlor”.

In this regard, Caroline Elliott, responsible for communications from LaSalle explained that “If a centre of this kind offers, for example, erotic massage, the district will immediately contact the police”.

Is worth noting that currently an resident can also offer this type of treatment (massage therapy) in his address for service, always and how much respect the regulation governing this practice.

In the case of the Montreal Centre, the authorities still seek tools to remove these spaces. Already one year has elapsed since the Mayor Coderre made the promise to go against the erotic massage salons.

Mayoral spokespersons have asserted that the main problems that generate these establishments is thatmany are working 24 hours a day and it is common that hire women for erotic – illegally-.

The mayor had established a plan, but by the end of 2013, a judge of the Supreme Court of Canada forced the Federal Government to revise the laws dealing with the subject of prostitution across the country. It was then when Coderre had put its plan on “see”.