[MOVIE]: Preview of Insurgent in Spain + Contests

Good news started! Although we had bad luck and we are left without premiere in Spain , plus the film does not hit theaters until our April 1, yes we have something special in our country …

The next Wednesday 25 , at 20h , will be held at the Kinepolis cinema in Ciudad de la Imagen (in Madrid) the PREVIEW Insurgent online free. A preview is not a premiere, the actors do not come or any activities organized for fans (at least that has been my experience in other previews). Just a lucky few have the opportunity to enjoy the movie a few days before it is released (and others envy us : P ).

The tickets and divergent T-shirts can not be purchased, s and spread through competitions on different websites. Then we will collect all the contests that go to get tickets. Good luck to all you partake!

eOneFilms Spain on Facebook:

To participate, you must answer the 9 questions will be posted on the Facebook wall. You can win tickets and merchandising packs.

Block questions

 Yu :

To participate, just be Vodafone yu and answer these two questions correctly:
What faction chooses Beatrice Prior to not be discovered as Divergente? • How is called the actress who plays the title role?
If you are one the first 20 yusers you get, plus tickets, exclusive gift pack film. fantastic portable speakers for your Smartphone and molona case for your tablet

Participate and bases: https://www.facebook.com/VodafoneYU ? sk = app_350174571764134

Finally, remember that you can already book your tickets for the April 1. And do not let pass the opportunity to get a copy of “Four: A book Divergent saga” with our international draw.