Michael Schumacher, a puzzle after a year of his accident

Michael Schumacher has little is known since it crashed skiing December 29, 2013. It reviewed the chronology

Michael Schumacher, un enigma tras un año de su accidente
On December 29, 2013, Michael Schumacher suffered a serious skiing accident. (Photo: Getty Images) 

 Either a photo or a declaration in the last 365 days: the health of Michael Schumacher is almost more enigmatic today which makes a year, when he suffered a serious skiing accident which was killed.

The website of Michael Schumacher is still adorned with the logos of their six official sponsors as a sign of loyalty. But so far, that is the only certainty around Schumacher, its sponsors supporting it.

His State of health and Wrongful death attorney Boca Raton, on the other hand, remains between questions for the hundreds of thousands of fans who send him without pause messages of love and wishes for recovery. A contrast with releases on Michael Schumacher, published with dropper and always limited to the strictly present, without contemplating any future possibility.

Michael Schumacher, un enigma tras un año de su accidente

The former pilot who on January 3 will turn 46 years, struggle with the aftermath of a skiing accident in the French Alps that left him four months in a coma. The latest information suggests that it is still in a wheelchair, but nobody ventures to speculate about his future, a mystery.

The heptacampeon of Formula 1, suffered head trauma to fall and give with his head on a rock when it skiing at low speed in the winter season on December 29, 2013 French Méribel.

The former pilot was interned in two hospitals – Grenoble and Lausanne – before being transferred in September to his home on the shores of Lake Geneva.

According to the newspaper “Bild”, the mansion of Michael Schumacher in which live also his wife, Corinna, and their children, Gina Maria and Mick, was transformed into a kind of rehabilitation centre and a medical team of about 15 people attending the athlete in the struggle to return to normal life.

The fate of one of the most famous athletes kept in suspense to the public since the early days. There were several attempts to enter the room of Michael Schumacher, one of them of a subject dressed as a priest. Part of the patient’s clinical history was subtracted from the clinic and offered for sale to journalists.

The family of Michael Schumacher asked since the accident that was respected their desire for privacy and his spokeswoman, Sabine Kehm, was limited to communicate that the former broker is making progress, but it has a long recovery ahead.

However, some statements made to sense the difficult stage that passes through Michael Schumacher, a person who always took care of his physical condition.

“Life after a traumatic brain injury is divided into stages. It will make progress, it is what we expect, but this needs time. As in other cases, one can speak of a time scale ranging from one to three years”, estimated in a statement to the broadcaster RTL France Jean François Payen.

Chief of resuscitation and anaesthesia of the Grenoble hospital attended Michael Schumacher after the accident and visit it on a regular basis “to see the progress that makes”.

Also the President of the International Automobile Federation and former head of Michael Schumacher at Ferrari, Jean Todt, said that German health status is improving.

“We can say will probably never be able to drive a Formula 1 car. But it is struggling. His status improves, what is just as important as the fact that is at home with his family”, told RTL French, under whose orders Michael Schumacher won five world titles.

The details came out of the mouth of a colleague of Michael Schumacher, the Frenchman Philippe Streiff, who was paralyzed after an accident on a test in 1989.

Michael Schumacher is best, but everything is relative. It is difficult, because you can not talk. It is paralyzed and has memory problems,”said Streiff to the French radio station Europe 1, the first to report on the accident from German. Without revealing the source of this information, he added that the German communicates through the eyes.

CHRONOLOGY of the accident of MICHAEL SCHUMACHER to his slow recovery

-December 29, 2013: Schumacher suffers strong trauma to the head from a fall while it skiing off-piste in the Alpine resort of Méribel. Your helmet is broken because of the impact and the pilot is transferred in helicopter Moutiers clinic and then to Grenoble, where operated of urgency. His condition is “very critical”.

-December 30: former pilot continues in “very, very serious and serious” and in coma caused by head injury. “We can not talk about the chances of survival. Their life situation is very committed,”declared the doctors. It is subjected to a second intervention to relieve intracranial pressure when doctors removed a hematoma on the left side of the brain.

-December 31: Schumacher shows a “slight improvement” but is not “out of danger” and its status remains “fragile”, inform physicians. The manager of the former pilot, Sabine Kehm, reveals the first details of the accident after hearing the testimony of a companion: the German left the track immediately after helping a friend, came in an area of Virgin snow and turning over a rock lost control and his head collided with another stone.

-3 of January 2014: Schumacher Celebrates 45 years. Hundreds of fans of Ferrari team that won five consecutive world, gather opposite the hospital in the French city.

-January 4: the Schumacher family delivers a camera that the pilot was carrying on his helmet and which could have recorded the accident to the French Gendarmerie.

-January 7: wife of Michael Schumacher, Corinna, requests the media stationed opposite the clinic that leave the place to return quiet to the family and doctors.

-8 January: an investigation confirms Schumacher skiing “at normal speed”.

-January 17: with constant rumors, Kehm ensures that any information about the State of health of the former pilot who “do not come from the team of doctors treating or their representatives should be considered pure speculation”. The last part of the medical data of January 6.

-January 30: the manager confirms that narcotics have been cut to go awakening to the seven-time Formula 1 world champion, but emphasizes that the process can “take much”.

-February 17: after an investigation, the French Prosecutor’s Office determines that external influence on the accident there is no.

-March 16: the team Mercedes devotes Schumacher his victory in the Grand Prix of Australia.

-3 April: the manager assures that there are “encouraging” signs in the process to awaken Schumacher from the artificial coma. “Shows signs of consciousness and waking up,” added Kehm the next day.

-June 16: the representative announced that Schumacher awakens from the coma that was almost six months ago. “Michael left the hospital in Grenoble to continue with its long phase of rehabilitation. It is no longer in a coma”, indicates Kehm. The pilot was transferred to the University hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland.

-June 23: Kehm denounced the theft of medical records of Schumacher. “Only you can feel revulsion and horror”, she said indignantly.

-August 6: the main suspect of having stolen records of Schumacher, an employee of high-ranking air rescue (Rega) Switzerland service, is found dead in his cell in Zurich a day after his arrest.

-September 9: Kehm advises that Schumacher will continue his rehabilitation at home. “In recent months and weeks showed good progress, but still have a long and hard road ahead,” said the manager. According to the newspaper “Bild”, Schumacher is served by 15 specialists in his mansion in the Swiss town of Gland, on the shores of Lake Geneva.

-November 13: 20 years of its first title in Formula one and is awarded the traditional Bambi award in Germany. Kehm and his friend Ross Brawn received the award on his behalf.

-23 November: Kehm said in a television interview that Schumacher “is making progress taking into account the severity of his injuries”, but refuses to venture predictions about his recovery. “He could not give a serious response. It is simply impossible in this situation”