How to improve your singing voice

You’ve been singing for a while, but you have not seen the progress that you expect. It seems that this is something to which you will have to get used to. But fear not! With the proper habits, you’ll sing like idol improve your singing voice


Method 1 of 3: uses your whole body

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    Takes water. If you think that drinking water is good only for your physical condition, surprise: is also great for your vocal health. It takes water to keep your vocal cords hydrated, healthy and ready.

    • Avoid liquids at extreme temperatures. Something very cold will stretch your vocal cords and some very hot could irritate them.
    • If you feel tingling, drink water or tea hot. Avoid milk because dairy products clog your throat and, as always, avoid alcohol. You dehydrate you and your voice.
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    Take a deep breath. Most people have the bad habit of sinking their stomachs and breathing only with the top of his lungs. To have a strong and healthy singing voice, you have to use the rest of your lungs and diaphragm, breathing deeply.

    • While you’re sitting or standing, place one hand on your stomach and push it out each time you inhale and in each you exhales. If you are lying down, put a book on your chest and make sure that it does not move.
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    Tighten the diaphragm when you sing. This will make your voice stronger. (If you don’t know what it is, investigates or ask an adult! is a muscle just below your ribs!)
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    Keep good posture. Keep your feet flat on the floor and imagine a thread over your head, keeping your body in line. So air flows easily through your body, you have to keep good posture.

    • If you’re sitting, do not use the back of your Chair and do not cross your legs.Remember: You are using your whole lungs. Bending you makes it more difficult.


Method 2 of 3: train your voice

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    Get breathing exercises. A note may not be good if you can maintain it. Before working on your voice, you need to work on your breathing. As well as keeping the breathing becomes easier with time, also happens with the long expulsion of air.

    • Start by inhaling during 4 counts and exhale for 8. It increases the exhalation in 4 until you reach 28. You are not increasing the capacity of your lungs; you’re learning how to control the air.
      • Exhale with a hissing sound will make it easier the control air and give a tonal quality.
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    Heat properly. Do not you empezarías a marathon without training, truth? Your vocal chords are also muscles! Heat them, to show the respect that you have them.

    • It starts at middle c and practice go down in semitones until you reach the lower part of your range, working on major scales. Then make it back up to the top of your range. It uses phrases like “Mi Mamá me mima”.
    • Practice exercises for vibration of your lips and sirens. It starts in the lower part of your rank and upload. This is especially useful to open the highest rank.
      • While you do your sirens, use your arms to give their physical quality to the highest rank. It is often easier to reach a high note if you can “see it”.
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    Change your vowels. Many pop singers are victims of being too nasal. If you change your vocals, your voice will have a more developed, classical and dark tone that most likely you hear practiced.

    • Practice with multiple consonants. Begins with ma, me, mi, mo, mu, and then ta, te, ti, to, your. Then with the “z”, “k” and “sh”. In the “u” sound, upload or low half-tone and repeat until you reach the limits of your range.
      • Each voice has vowels that make it easier to reach a note. Experiment to see which facilitates you more.
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    Take. Suppose that there is a difference between your voice on your chest and your voice in your head, because of this, you avoid those 3 or 4 dangerous notes at all costs. As a result, the quality of those notes becomes very low. To improve, you have to take risks.

    • Out of your comfort zone. If you are not compliant with the rank or length of a note, practice it. It is the only way in which you will improve. Over time, you’ll have more control. With enough practice, you will be able to manipulate your voice so you can make whatever you want.
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    Sing within your range. Sometimes our voices are simply not made for certain notes. If you, you realize that you are having difficulties, low one-eighth, or finds a note in harmony.

    • Listen to what your voice tells you. Perhaps you want with all your strength to be a soprano, but perhaps just not you. But remember: your rank determines not to Tan your voice. Sings with what you have, don’t try to be something you’re not.

Method 3 of 3: get your task

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    Is a vocal coach. You have a professional so that you your habits of singing guide is the definitive resource. Check with your teachers of art at your school or music for information stores.

    • Often, some universities have students who are training to be teachers of singing and teach at a low cost. These students are taking classes in pedagogy and are eager to have their own students.
    • If you are not interested in the job one by one or you can not pay for it, consider join your local choir or at your school.
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    Seeking resources. There is plenty of information online (in addition to wikiHow, sadly). Search videos, different schools concerning training and web sites with tips and tricks for extra.
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    Experimented with different genres. It is possible that your voice will not be suitable for the genres that you hear. Search for songs that you do not normally escucharías in your iPod and pay attention to how your voice responds.

    • Each voice has a different quality. Country singers usually have a nasal voice;jazz singers have a raspy voice. Takes the qualities of your voice and use them.
    • He is said that classical singers can sing whatever, but pop singers can only sing pop. If you want to train, look for classics teachers who give you a balanced repertoire.


  • If your voice is just not cooperating, he takes a break. Your voice probably needs it.Try deep breathing to relax your heartbeat and your lungs.
  • Always be sure to have rested before singing. If you’re tired and languid, so shall your voice. Do not try to sing from the morning. Wait at least 2-3 hours before singing so that your voice will “wake up”.
  • You do not strive until your voice is hoarse. Take frequent breaks and take plenty of water.


  • You do not force. If you force your voice there is a great chance that you be dismayed.