How many types of dental appliances?

Orthodontics, that is the treatment which are usually use dental appliances, is very common in humans, since a large percentage of the population needs a restructuring of its teeth.

There are many people who carry dental braces, although there is a majority who hasn’t chosen type on it, that it has not chosen, but has been carried away by the dentist, it is perfectly normal and usual, since it is the dentist who best knows what suits the teeth of the patient.

With this text, what we ask is that you know a little better the types of dental appliances that exist, so have so clear what can be best according to age or according to each person’s needs.

Types of dental appliances

First, we can make a distinction between fixed dental appliances and removable dental appliances.

-Fixed: these are the most common, since they are which best solve the orthodontic problems, relocating and aligning the teeth in an effective manner. It is the case of the brackets.

-Removable: they are used, primarily, for less serious malocclusion problems, so only indicate in very specific cases. It is the case of the technical invisalign.

Note that in some patients it is necessary a conjunction between the removable dental appliance and the fixed, according to the indicated problem.

Secondly, today it is also distinguished between visible dental braces and invisible dental braces, as we will see below.

Acording to braces singapore online, we leave you with every kind of dental appliance:

1. metal Brackets: are the most common, popular and traditional. It is a fixed, visible, dental device which is usually manufactured in steel. It is currently often make distinction between traditional braces and Damon, much more comfortable and effective system, which is also softer with the teeth.

2. aesthetic Brackets: also known as ceramic brackets, are somewhat less visible than the metal.The major drawback is that they are less resistant, so the patient should be careful. Now you can choose between brackets of Sapphire (better quality and more transparent) or porcelain brackets.

3. lingual braces: perhaps the least known. They are the invisible orthodontics sector, since they are placed behind the teeth, without you to see at a glance. They bothered very little, because its thickness is lower.

4. Invisalign: is inside the removable invisible dental braces. These aligners are unseen and have the virtue to be removed without problems, to eat comfortably or a best oral cleaning.