Helping find work in Spain

Find employment in Spain is an enormous challenge, as the Spanish labor market is in recession.

The Spanish Government is pushing an economic stimulus plan and support to entrepreneurs and young people to progressively increase the population active in the country. In this sense, the Public service of State employment (SEPE), together with the public employment services of the autonomous communities, form the National employment system, where is “promote, design and develop measures and actions for employment, whose implementation is decentralized and adjusted to the different territorial realities”, as you can be read on the official web site of the Agency.

Managed by the national system of employment and manages what is known as “public employment services” that allow Spanish and foreign citizens to benefit from official plans on development and improvement of work in Spain.

The SEPE, meanwhile, manages various central services and a territorial network of 759 offices distributed in 52 provinces of the country, where stakeholders can manage benefits for unemployment. In addition, it coordinates employment agencies where users can sign up to apply for work.

Some of the most common public employment services offered by the SEPE are access to job offers; access to vocational guidance for employment services, which grouped various activities that can carry out an unemployed to facilitate their incorporation into the labour market; access to support services for self-employment, that help the unemployed to start their own work, guiding you on the basic information for the creation and management of companies.

The SEPE also administers the Plan of voluntary return, whereby the person concerned comes to pay accumulated and anticipated the contributory unemployment benefits, with the condition of return to the country of origin and do not return to Spain for three years.

EURES is another active policy of the SEPE, which can help young people under 30 years to look for a job in any country of the European Union.

Additionally, the SEPE performs research, studies and analysis, State-level, on the situation of the labour market and measures to improve it.

The Spanish Government has also announced the commitment to develop a single portal of employment which concentrate in one place the job offer for young Spaniards.

Recommendations for the pursuit of employment in Spain
Immigrants in Spain can perform certain actions to facilitate the search for work. Some recommendations are:

If you are asking yourself that how to find jobs near me, a recommended way is to obtain a concrete job offer from an employer in Spain before emigrating. This will facilitate, in addition, visa and work permit procedures. To achieve this objective job search services can be used online and in the Classifieds of the Spanish newspapers. Check this video for more detail:

Save the greater amount of funds while awaiting approval of the visa to carry enough money to survive the first six months or a year, if it gets out of work immediately.

Have sufficient flexibility and willingness to accept “temporary” works or works of survival, found out the professional area of interest of the immigrant. These jobs allow you to gain experience and provide an income to pay basic expenses, without compromising the family savings.

Make connections or relationships, called “networking”, in English. Try to meet as many people and trying to have a social life active. Even from the country of origin, it is possible to meet and communicate with Spaniards and Europeans resident in Spain or with Hispanics and latinos already established in that country. forums are an excellent place to begin the network of professional contacts.

Take advantage of all government resources available to support the immigrants.

Assess practices at work, internships or work experience usually without payment programs. They are considered to be the gateway to the world of work and encourage the acquisition of experiences and connections.

If possible, conduct formal studies, courses or postgraduate programmes in Spain. Thus perfect language and acquired a Canadian title, which will improve the chances of employment.

Always remember the real motivations that led to emigrate to Spain. Put the successes and gains versus the challenges and difficulties in the balance. Highlight the benefits that brought the new country to the person concerned and make a plan to go forward.

Consider Spain as the gateway to Europe and to other labour markets more dynamic and competitive as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden. They are, of course, labour seats that require other skills, including language skills.