he five ‘youtubers’ most popular (and thugs) Spanish

Youtube born in 2005, when nobody in the world could imagine that a person could make a living making videos about the most diverse themes and hanging them on the internet to be exposed to the scrutiny of cybernetics public. A year later, the video platform in streaming world’s most popular was acquired by Google for $ 1,300 million , becoming one of the most profitable acquisitions internet history.

Youtube skeptics as a business model had to recant. In recent years, we have not only experienced the rise to stardom of artists like Justin Beaber, Lana del Rey and Park Jae-Sang from the platform, which has become an essential business tool for scouts . There has also been a disruptive phenomenon:youtubers have emerged from nowhere as a new profession internet.

The phenomenon is widely traveled in the United States, testbed tdas new technological trends, plus an appropriate market from the point of view of the audience. In the English-speaking panorama has strongly emerged a new generation of entrepreneurs Youtube, many of which have been made ​​of gold overnight, as Jenna Marbles or Bethany Mota .

One of the emerging talents in the ecosystem ‘youtubers’ Spaniards, Dalas Review, has launched an interesting reflection on business models Youtube, proposing the way of donations as a way to cope with the crisis in the advertising model platform

In Spain, it is not so simple, but in the last five years there have been a number of channels whose creators have been, and can make a living thanks to Youtube. The main route is the advertising model, but to become mileurista Accumulate million views. So many youtubers seek the option of sponsorship or even use the window of Youtube to be hired by a television channel, as in the case of  Isasaweis in Antena 3  or more recently, Bolli ( And mount is orgasm ) in La 2.

In January, one of the emerging talents in the ecosystem youtubers Spanish,Dalas Review , launched in one of his pieces an interesting reflection on business models Youtube, proposing via donations from users as a way to address the crisis in the advertising model on the platform, pushing creators to reduce the level of its contents to reach a greater number of views and, consequently, a monthly economic goal. “A few months I could make a living with this platform ago. I will tell you data. Generating a million / million visits a month and half earned around $ 900,” he says.

Although there are channels of all types of themes, it is fair to say that those dedicated to video games, real quarry channels youtubers are the most popular Internet, with three channels in the top five positions in the ranking of those who accumulate more subscribers  in Spain . However, humorous thematic follow them closely. Here are a list of the five  youtubers  most popular and politically incorrect in the Spanish panorama.

ElrubiusOMG : “Very good, ‘critters’ Mr.’

At present, Ruben Doblas, alias El Rubius, which has 24 years, is the YouTube user with more subscribers Spain, accumulating more than six million subscribers and nearly six hundred million views since December 2011.

He started as a gamer , as it is called in the jargon of the industry to specialized users in video games, but soon evolved into cutting humorous content, which have finally made ​​him one used to appear in the media celebrity. Started all its parts with the following tagline: “Very good creaturesof the Lord “.

Mangelrogel : “Honored day,  marvado  night “

Interestingly, Michelangelo Rogel, known on YouTube as Mangel, a friend and roommate of Reuben Doblas. Is 27 years old and currently its channel is ranked number five in the ranking of the most popular by subscribers, with almost two million, which called Marvados . You are about to reach the hundred million views.

He is a veteran of the platform. He created the channel in March 2006, also focused on the world of video games, but has finished parodying. Since then, Barcelona has continued to surf the wave of Youtube, but has converted his style. Its characteristics sunglasses are house brand. ” Youtuber of those. My grandmother says I’m the Primor of Primores and Sol. Honored day, I marvadoat night, ” reads his biography of Twitter .

CheetoSenior : “No one makes me more grace than myself bored”

The description of your channel is a statement of intent. “In this channel you will find my various rantings, my passion for cooking, video games, and making the idiot awhile No one makes me more grace than myself bored and this boredom I share with you. ”

He launched the channel in 2011 and is about to reach half a million subscribers, with a volume of fifteen million copies. He lives in Malaga and is passionate about the game, but his specialty is to test those whom nobody plays. Master the art of how to promote youtube video and parodies of recipes are preferred by his followers.

Thous Carapollen : “Asshole Tonight”

“Vloger, gamer and referee asshole “reads the description of the canal, where available to any interested contact to get hired at events of all kinds. It specializes in videoblogs, audiovisual pieces where told in a humorous, often in collaboration with friends, a series of daily experiences.

The birth canal is relatively recent, but in just two years has reached more than 36 million views and is located at the gateway to overcome the barrier of half a million subscribers.

Mr. Jagger : “What comes ‘from ma maind'”

It is one of the youtubers most politically incorrect and greater projection. At 19, Mr. Jagger embodies a type of absurd humor adapted to the Spanish idiosyncrasy, the style Muchachada Nui . Defining your channel – “What comes ‘from ma maind'” – represents perfectly the way you work: running any ideas that comes to mind, but the result is certainly sometimes incoherent.

Created in August 2012, the channel has exceeded 23 million copies and already has over 390,000 subscribers, reaching currently ranked 36th in the ranking of the most popular Youtube in Spain by subscribers channels.