Films and books that every businessman and entrepreneur should know

Reading and watch movies online about histories of failures, difficulties and success of other companies and entrepreneurs will motivate you to meet the challenges of their own business.

Books and movies often are seen as mere entertainment. But, these can be very useful for businessmen and entrepreneurs, either to gain inspiration, learn from mistakes, acquire knowledge, or put on practical ideas for your business. You can watch series or stream online these programs at movie2k.

Gustavo Rodríguez Fernández, Advisor to thetechnological Institute business incubation centre(CIE-TEC), and Maritza Vargas Montero, Coordinator of A-incubated, suggested books and audiovisual material – which even used in their training-that would be of much benefit to employers:

Movies, documentaries and videos

The path of the Warrior (in English Peaceful Warrior). Vargas recommended this film, which is the story of a successful gymnast, who meets a mysterious man called Socrates. It will teach you important lessons on how to guide your life. The film is starring Nick Nolte, Scott Mechlowicz and Amy Smart.

In search of happiness (in English, The Pursuit of Happyness). Rodriguez recommended this film that narrates the life and difficulties of Christopher Paul Gardner, an American entrepreneur who went from not having to become a billionaire. The film is starring Will Smith, whom Oscar was nominated for an award for his performance.

The Social Network (in English The Social Network). The film was suggested by Vargas and tells the story of how did the social network Facebook (which today brings together million users around the world) and the controversy that arose since its creation.

Social entrepreneurs by Bernardo Kliksberg. He is an Argentine Economist, who has worked on issues of poverty and inequality in Latin America and is an expert on issues of corporate social responsibility. “It is not a documentary per se, but is a very nice exhibition by Kliksberg on social entrepreneurs,” said Maritza Vargas, a-incubated.

The call of the entrepreneur ( The Call of the Entrepreneur). It is a documentary of 2007, recommended by Rodriguez, produced by Acton Media and which tells the story of three entrepreneurs: a successful farmer, a banker and entrepreneur of textiles. The full documentary can be seen here, in English: Rodriguez also advised to see the documentary, telling how arose the so-called “bubble” of the Internet. It focuses on telling the story of how it was created and dropped a technology company.This documentary is ideal to learn from mistakes. You can watch the documentary in this link, subtitled in Spanish:

Wall Street. American entrepreneur John Rampton recommended, in an article by the site Entrepreneur, the movieWall Street, directed by Oliver Stone in 1987 and starring Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen. Unethical, who is ready to everything to get money focuses on the story of a character. Rampton recommended this tape since every entrepreneur should remember that not must “sold” himself only by achieving economic resources.“Remember that being an entrepreneur not only is becoming rich and famous,” Rampton said in his article.


The trip. Written by chileno-tico author Enrique Margery Bertoglia, of Grupo Editorial Norma. The book focuses on the life: challenges, success and failure.

How to change the world: social entrepreneurs and the power of new ideas. It belongs to the author David Bornstein. “It’s a book that collects stories of normal people, which assumes extraordinary challenges, seeking to transform the world where will, confidence, perseverance and thinking of the common welfare leads entrepreneurs to materialize the ideas proposed by different answers to solve common problems,” summarized Maritza Vargas.

Social entrepreneurs: those who make the difference. Written by the author and Economist Argentine Bernardo Kliksberg. According to Vargas, the book se refers to competences that should develop social entrepreneurs and explores how entrepreneurs should orient themselves towards building of strategic alliances and networks.

Skudmart: Chemistry with death. Written by author Jaime Espinal, is at the Editorial Universidad EAFIT. It has the experience of two young university students who see the venture a different output. The first idea is not carried out and they will not give up and they manage to identify an opportunity that leads them to realize an idea that becomes a company”, said Vargas.

Lean Startup method: how to create successful companies using continuous innovation. It was written by author Eric Ries and explains what this method and how it can be used by entrepreneurs to create successful businesses.

Passion ahead: from the idea to the stark reality. Rodriguez, the CIE-TEC, recommended this text of the Argentine author Andy Freire, which tells his story as an entrepreneur. Freire founded Officenet in Argentina, a provider of office supplies, which was acquired by Staples Inc.