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Philips launches the newest Airfryer and a new APP of recipes and tips

  • Based on the success of its predecessor, Philips launches the new Aifryer 20% more compact and with technology TurboStar
  • Fritters with fantastic flavor with up to 80% less fat *

Madrid, Spain - Philips, a leading health innovation company, adds to its portfolio of kitchen products the new Aifryer with TurboStar technology, which allows cooking food using a minimal amount of oil and even cooking.

Accessing a healthy kitchen daily, in the hectic life that we all carry today, can be very complicated although it should be part of our goal to lead a healthy and happy life. Finding allies in the kitchen to help us eliminate fats from our diet, without taking away our precious time and offering excellent results, with very tasty recipes is now easier thanks to the arrival of the new Philips Airfryer fryer with TurboStar technology.


Based on the success of the Airfryer model that already exists in the market and has become a basic object in the kitchen of the most demanding, Philips has unveiled its new generation of Airfryer, which incorporates TurboStar technology and is accompanied by The launch of the APP for mobile devices where you can find tasty recipes to make with it.
With this new generation Airfryer with TurboStar technology, it is now even easier to prepare healthy recipes without compromising the taste. Minimizes the use of unhealthy fats, allowing you to make great home-cooked meals, every day, with even cooking and a much more compact design.


Crunchy, tender and tasty thanks to TurboStar


TurboStar technology, incorporated into the new generation of Philips Airfryer, ensures that all food is exposed to constant, uniform and circulating heat inside the fryer basket. The result is cooked foods simultaneously, without the need to turn them around, even when stacked.


Thanks to this innovative technology, the hot air rotates quickly through the entire basket, giving a homogenous distribution of heat in the food and allows to obtain a fried food 50 ** more uniform and crisp.


Healthier fritters


Like its predecessor, the secret of the new Philips AirFryer with TurboStar is based on RapidAir, a technology that makes hot air quickly rotate through the food in the basket, allowing it to fry, bake, roast and toast with less Fats than a conventional fryer, with little or no oil, depending on the type of food. In addition, compared to traditional fryers, the new Afirfryer with Philips TurboStar technology reduces odors and is safe as the fryer does not burn on the outside and is more economical for everyday use.


20% more compact, greater internal capacity and easier to clean

As modern kitchens become smaller, saving space is becoming more important and it is crucial to have a product with style that suits your home décor. The new Philips Airfryer with TurboStar technology has been carefully designed to ensure that it fits easily into a small corner of the hob or can also be easily stored in a cabinet, giving instant access whenever needed

The sides of the new Airfryer are now thinner and the top is lower, which has greatly reduced the size of the product compared to the first model, while maintaining the iconic Airfryer style. This new product is more compact, maintaining a basket of 800 grams capacity, in which you can fry in one go until four portions of the same dish.


In addition, it incorporates a removable non-stick mesh, which just like the basket can be washed in the dishwasher and independently. In just 90 seconds you can completely clean the basket and the mesh and have the Airfryer ready for reuse.


New Philips Airfryer APP with recipes and tips

Coinciding with the launch of this new model of the Airfryer family, Philips makes available the new free application for mobile and tablet “Philips Airfryer”. In it, consumers can access a wide variety of recipes to elaborate with Airfryer, useful tips and tricks, help, support and videos tutorials, among others, to know everything about this new product and its predecessors and get the most out of it .

The new “Philips Airfryer” APP is now available in Spanish and brings together over 200 healthy recipes to prepare step by step with Airfryer, with information on all the necessary ingredients, how to cook with the fryer and the time needed to make them.

The new Philips Airfryer with TurboStar technology, model HD9621 / 90, has been available in Spain since September 2016. Visit now!

The benefits of sport at any age

Physical inactivity is the leading cause of 21-25% of breast and colon cancers, 27% of cases of diabetes and 30% of the burden of ischemic heart disease,back pain, according to experts.

On the occasion of World Day of Physical Activity and Sport , held on Monday, the coordinator of the Sports Medicine Vithas Hospital Our Lady of America, Dr. Alvaro Herrera, wanted to give a number of tips for exercise safely from the 35, among which perform a medical examination before starting to practice sport and have an adequate, comfortable, safe and quality sports equipment.
The physical inactivity is the main cause for approximately 21-25% of breast cancers and colon cancers , 27% of cases of diabetes and approximately 30% of the burden of ischemic heart disease , according to data from the World Health Organization Of the health.Therefore, Dr. Herrera stressed that like to be  regular dental check – ups to ascertain good oral health; when sport is performed, is “vital” take care of food and hydration, as they must be appropriate to the activity undertaken.

The escalation in the intensity, duration and frequency , are also critical, because you have to combine activities impact and low – impact activities . In addition, at the beginning of the activity must be carried out a comprehensive and specific heat, and the end is critical of stretching to prevent injuries from all major muscle groups, whatever the type of sport. Avoid physical activities in high heat conditions , especially if the humidity is high, or there is intense cold , no exercise during or in the days to infectious or febrile illness; cease the activity and seek medical advice before any abnormal symptoms , and not forgetting the advice provided by qualified doctors, trainers and physiotherapists, are other of the tips shared Dr. Herrera.
On the other hand, from the age of 65 it is important to note that 85% of the population suffers from some chronic disease and 45% of any heart disease . In addition, there is a high prevalence of arterial hypertension, a high percentage take some type of medication and, finally, in many cases there are antecedents of some pathology. Therefore, it is desirable that this population group perform an annual medical examination as complete as possible and appropriate to the person and the type of activity to be performed; Avoid prolonged or very intense physical activity ;Carry out low impact activities;Avoid risk sports;To practice physical or sports activities in groups to be more playful, and to take into account that the physical activity disproportionate for the age increases the cardiovascular risks.

Benefits of sport in childhood and maturity

Incorporate sport facilitates reaching maturity in the best possible physical condition . This habit can start at an early age, from the age of 6-7, as it “will allow children to grow up physically, mentally and emotionally,” said Dr. Herrera.

Thus, children engaged in some kind of physical activity regularly strengthen their self – esteem ; Learn to control their emotions; improve their psycho-motor development, coordination and social skills ; Promote academic performance; Improve their body awareness and care, and develop a stronger musculoskeletal system, increasing the elasticity of tissues and allowing healthier growth.

In addition, the sport in the smaller also makes better maintain their body weight, preventing obesity ; Improve sleep quality; Decrease the risk of type II diabetes mellitus, hypertension and other cardiovascular risk factors, and favors those that do not initiate into toxic habits, such as smoking.

Dr. Herrera also noted that increasing physical activity in midlife brings benefits such as improved quality of life ; Helps to improve nutrition, maintain adequate weight and prevent obesity; Favors the prevention / elimination of toxic habits such as smoking; Reduces blood pressure; Improves anxiety, depression and stress; Improves self-esteem, and prevents the elevation of glucose numbers thus reducing the need for insulin in diabetics.

Finally, some of the benefits of sport at maturity undergo increase levels of HDL (good) and lower levels of cholesterol LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides , improve the quality of sleep , agility, reflexes, aerobic endurance, muscular strength , speed, joint mobility, or the immune system, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and senile dementia .

Go to supplement health .

Films and books that every businessman and entrepreneur should know

Reading and watch movies online about histories of failures, difficulties and success of other companies and entrepreneurs will motivate you to meet the challenges of their own business.

Books and movies often are seen as mere entertainment. But, these can be very useful for businessmen and entrepreneurs, either to gain inspiration, learn from mistakes, acquire knowledge, or put on practical ideas for your business. You can watch series or stream online these programs at movie2k.

Gustavo Rodríguez Fernández, Advisor to thetechnological Institute business incubation centre(CIE-TEC), and Maritza Vargas Montero, Coordinator of A-incubated, suggested books and audiovisual material – which even used in their training-that would be of much benefit to employers:

Movies, documentaries and videos

The path of the Warrior (in English Peaceful Warrior). Vargas recommended this film, which is the story of a successful gymnast, who meets a mysterious man called Socrates. It will teach you important lessons on how to guide your life. The film is starring Nick Nolte, Scott Mechlowicz and Amy Smart.

In search of happiness (in English, The Pursuit of Happyness). Rodriguez recommended this film that narrates the life and difficulties of Christopher Paul Gardner, an American entrepreneur who went from not having to become a billionaire. The film is starring Will Smith, whom Oscar was nominated for an award for his performance.

The Social Network (in English The Social Network). The film was suggested by Vargas and tells the story of how did the social network Facebook (which today brings together million users around the world) and the controversy that arose since its creation.

Social entrepreneurs by Bernardo Kliksberg. He is an Argentine Economist, who has worked on issues of poverty and inequality in Latin America and is an expert on issues of corporate social responsibility. “It is not a documentary per se, but is a very nice exhibition by Kliksberg on social entrepreneurs,” said Maritza Vargas, a-incubated.

The call of the entrepreneur ( The Call of the Entrepreneur). It is a documentary of 2007, recommended by Rodriguez, produced by Acton Media and which tells the story of three entrepreneurs: a successful farmer, a banker and entrepreneur of textiles. The full documentary can be seen here, in English: Rodriguez also advised to see the documentary, telling how arose the so-called “bubble” of the Internet. It focuses on telling the story of how it was created and dropped a technology company.This documentary is ideal to learn from mistakes. You can watch the documentary in this link, subtitled in Spanish:

Wall Street. American entrepreneur John Rampton recommended, in an article by the site Entrepreneur, the movieWall Street, directed by Oliver Stone in 1987 and starring Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen. Unethical, who is ready to everything to get money focuses on the story of a character. Rampton recommended this tape since every entrepreneur should remember that not must “sold” himself only by achieving economic resources.“Remember that being an entrepreneur not only is becoming rich and famous,” Rampton said in his article.


The trip. Written by chileno-tico author Enrique Margery Bertoglia, of Grupo Editorial Norma. The book focuses on the life: challenges, success and failure.

How to change the world: social entrepreneurs and the power of new ideas. It belongs to the author David Bornstein. “It’s a book that collects stories of normal people, which assumes extraordinary challenges, seeking to transform the world where will, confidence, perseverance and thinking of the common welfare leads entrepreneurs to materialize the ideas proposed by different answers to solve common problems,” summarized Maritza Vargas.

Social entrepreneurs: those who make the difference. Written by the author and Economist Argentine Bernardo Kliksberg. According to Vargas, the book se refers to competences that should develop social entrepreneurs and explores how entrepreneurs should orient themselves towards building of strategic alliances and networks.

Skudmart: Chemistry with death. Written by author Jaime Espinal, is at the Editorial Universidad EAFIT. It has the experience of two young university students who see the venture a different output. The first idea is not carried out and they will not give up and they manage to identify an opportunity that leads them to realize an idea that becomes a company”, said Vargas.

Lean Startup method: how to create successful companies using continuous innovation. It was written by author Eric Ries and explains what this method and how it can be used by entrepreneurs to create successful businesses.

Passion ahead: from the idea to the stark reality. Rodriguez, the CIE-TEC, recommended this text of the Argentine author Andy Freire, which tells his story as an entrepreneur. Freire founded Officenet in Argentina, a provider of office supplies, which was acquired by Staples Inc.

Basic steps to create and host a web page

The experience of creating and hosting a web site can vary greatly based on your target audience and the type of content that is published. However, the fundamentals of publishing a web site will remain fairly consistent. Understand the basic steps will enable you to approach to the creation of your web site and your accommodation, using an appropriate strategy.

  • Hosting and domain registration

    To build a web site or Nom de domaine, you must first select a custom URL, and acquire the domain registration online service. You will then need to attach accommodations at this URL. The accommodation service tends to be billed monthly, while the registration of URLs is charged annually. Many companies allow you to buy the URL and the hosting service, at the same time. Be sure to research the company before you buy their service. Many companies low cost are known for poor technical support and user interfaces. Look for accommodations with a variety of options to ensure that it will continue being a good party if your website over time.

  • Planning your site

    You should understand your target audience and the actions to take before the construction of the building. If you are a small business looking to build a site of e-commerce, their needs and the structure it will be dramatically different from a musician who wants to release a new album of heavy metal. Make a sketch of the different sections of the site on paper and make a graph of the pages to be converted in your browser for the main site. This is vital for the understanding of the resources that will be required. Use wire frames or models on the page to help classify content and make sure it fits properly in the design.

  • Choosing a blogging platform

    The construction of your website at the top of a blogging platform allows you to use a content management system to organize, load and keep everything on your website.Platforms of blogs, WordPress, TypePad and Blogger, may be altered to show a static page that is not updated with new content, as if a real blog. This makes a blog on a website and allows you to change the topic or aspect of the site without changing the actual content. If you keep the site over time, this is your best option to manage the contents of a good cost-effective and easy to use.

  • The launch of the site

    Once your site is built, test your navigation and functionality with their friends and colleagues. Ask their opinion and make the required hotfixes before announcing to the world that your site is live. To create a launch campaign and the usefulness of Facebook and Twitter, social media platforms, to help spread. Use an analysis free of Web – like Google Analytics or Clicky tools – to help collect data on traffic volume, traffic sources and other interactions of the user on the web site. To analyze the data, pay attention to pages where visitors enter, time spent on the site and your exit pages to better understand what keeps visitors on the site and what makes them leave.

  • Platform and support

    To complete the creation of a web page, you will need a domain and help throughtemplates to make it attractive, besides quality accommodation . To successfully complete all the process and you can do it in an easy and simple, we recommend that you visit this website, where you will find all the support needed to create and host a web page.

How to operate a forklift safely

Security is essential when you work with a forklift.

Forklift trucks are used in large and small wineries and gardening business. Many operations small as garden centres, nurseries, hardware stores and other businesses can benefit from having a forklift. These machines can be of great value to your business, but it is important to have an onsite forklift certification and understand the safe operation of a forklift to safeguard your employees and your property.



There are several types of hoists. For wineries and shops indoors, preferred forklift is a model electric or propane, these do not expel the life-threatening carbon dioxide. For well ventilated areas and exterior courtyards, is usually used to forklifts powered by diesel or gasoline.


Before operation, operator must inspect the forklift for obvious damage; you are looking for flat tires, a damaged or missing belt, damaged or missing control knobs, mirrors broken or damaged, fluid leaks and any obstructions in the hoisting mechanism. Also, operator must open the engine compartment and check that appropriate fluid levels have and check the fuel gauge, making sure that there is at least one quarter of the fuel tank. If you find a defect, it is to be noticed and a mechanic should inspect it before operating it.


All the hoists have an ignition switch, brake hand, a steering wheel, a gauge of fuel or cargo, a gearshift speeds forward, reverse and neutral; a seat belt, an accelerator pedal and control knobs to raise, lower and tilt the lifting fork. There may also be a control knob to move the fork’s elevation to the right or the left. In addition, you can have headlights, reverse, a mirror, a reverse alarm lights and other safety devices. Many models require hand brake is activated, the lever is placed in the neutral position, the belt is fastened and seat is pushed to start. Some models the motor will automatically stop if the safety harness is unfastened and/or the operator leaves the seat. These security measures ensure that the vehicle cannot move without care.


Once you have read the manual and complete pre-operative inspection it is time to assemble your forklift. Use the three contact points to climb and get your forklift to prevent falls. Adjust the seat so that it is at a comfortable distance from the steering wheel. Make sure you buckle up your seat belt. Now make sure that the handbrake is fully activated, that your foot is on the brake pedal and shift lever is in neutral. Now you can start the engine. Once your boot hoists listen engine. It sounds softly as if it works normally? If so, it continues. Get the habit of always check load or fuel gauge each time that you start the engine. Now check the lever that raises and lowers the forks. Upload them soft and slowly and lower them to about a foot (30 cm) from the floor. This is the height to which it must be when driving. Try the tilt control knob. Make sure that all movements are smooth, if you could not have hydraulic problems. Now check out the speaker. With your foot still on the brake, release the parking brake pedal, push the shifter forward and leaves the forklift to move forward. Detente. Place the switch in reverse, turn on your seat and slowly goes back a few meters. If everything is OK, you are ready to begin the operation of your forklift.


The initial driving must be done in an open as a parking lot or an empty wine cellar area. Slowly, the driver must handle with care not to go faster than a walk to pass fast.Ticking, the conductor must be turning in his seat and back slowly. It is recommended that the forklift Horn is played back if there is an automatic alarm on the forklift. Lifting forks should be approximately one foot (30 cm) of soil to lead. The forks must be down so that, if someone is hit with forks, the lesion causes maximum a broken leg and not a blow to the spine or head. Be careful and watch all your around. The practice will improve your driving. The rear of the tail-lift is very heavy so you can quickly turn for the way in which lift trucks are built. The weight of the hoist may cause great damage to the personnel, materials and facilities. Care when driving is essential. You should not joke, and people on the sides of the tail-lift or in the forks must not be tolerated. It handles slowly. Tour and looks back to the back. Meet the forklift so you can judge distances. When to take very high loads to see above them, move back so you can see where you’re going. With heavy loads, climb back ramps, this will give you more control.Use your seat belt. If you fall off a deck or ramp and you are not using a seat belt, it can be fatal. Be careful and take your time. Practice, patience and follow safety rules will make you a good forklift operator.


Most loads will be moved in plastic pallets or wood. Lifting forks are adjustable. Practice lifting and moving empty pallets first. If you have to move objects in frames or in tight places, it is useful to have a rule of two men who help you see beyond the tail-lift masts.Practice driving indoors with an empty stage. Be careful when you place objects and learn to judge distances. Items can be placed very close can cause damage during placement. Keep in mind the limitations of weight of your forklift. Do not lift objects that exceed the weight limits in the operation manual. If you drive on docks, takes care of your kick distances so do not get out of the dock. Never drive towards a vehicle from a loading dock, unless the truck is coined, have the brake and have plates covering between the dock and the truck. When dudes driving slowly or stop and make it safer.


When you lift or turn down loads with the forklifts, forklift must be approached the truck, frame, or stack and then lift forks. The forklift should not move great distances or turning with a raised load. Movement with heavy loads may cause the forklift tipping causing injury or death. This can also damage the hoists, materials and facilities. The goal is the safe movement of materials without damage or injury.


When the operation is complete, the forklift must be parked on a flat surface and hard.Forks should be lowered to the ground and placed on the floor. This prevents someone is tripped and injuries caused by the front of the forks. The parking brake must always be activated with the engine off and key out of switch. The three contact points should be used to get the forklift.


Tips and warnings

  • Read the operation manual. Keep a record of the hours of operation so that oil changes and maintenance are carried out when required.
  • Do not use the seat belt can be fatal if the forklift overturns. Companions may be severely injured or dead, so do not let companions. The forklifts are for materials only.No person should be raised on the forks or on platforms. The loads must be lowered to a foot (30 cm) above the ground before move and rotate the forklift to avoid tipping.

The personal care products and beauty have their impact on the environment, water and our health.

Did you ever have wondered how hair washed 100 years ago? And before that? Personal care has changed with the same man. From fragrances to effects “miracle”. Everything is created and adjusted according to the needs, whether genuine or established by society, as fashion dictates.

Today we find an endless array of shampoos on the market, all with a promise: anti-frizz, twist curls, hydration, one that prevents hair loss, which strengthens it, so Alacia, it bounces, the dandruff, which maintains the color in your hair for more days …

What we overlook is that the vast majority of these products affect the environment and also animal products in its production or, well, they are tested they are used; Both they translate into animal cruelty.

Among shampoos containing substances affecting the environment, water and animals are:

  • Sodium lauryl ether sulphate.
  • Parabens.
  • Sodium dodecylsulfate.
  • DEA / Diethanolamine .

Being in contact with water , they can form other substances that put in  danger to health , besides producing mutations and damage to aquatic life , going down the drain and reach rivers and / or seas.

To reduce this environmental impact, VeoVerde Challenge this week is, if you decide to accept it, wash your hair without polluting the water with some of the following recipes.

Washed with bicarbonate, rinsed with vinegar

© Stories & Thyme

A classic that has created a whole movement called  no-poo  – in other words, no shampoo -.


  • 1 teaspoon baking
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 cup water
  • 3-5 drops of essential oil of choice: lavender, mint, rosemary.

Mix baking soda and water in a spray bottle. Before use, stir well.Apply throughout your hair and massage for a few minutes. Rinse with warm water.

In another spray, mix the vinegar with four parts water and drops of essential oil you like. After washing your hair, spray vinegar in the same way. Rinse with cold water.

Then you can apply a natural conditioner homemade.

Coconut milk and aloe vera

Honey B & L


  • 75ml coconut milk
  • 88ml of aloe vera and natural aloe

Mix both ingredients until they are well integrated. Apply to your wet hair, massaging your scalp. Leave it for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Then you can use apple cider vinegar rinse.

Rye flour

© Slovak cooking


  • 3 or 4 tablespoons of rye flour (depending on the length of your hair)
  • enough warm water to match the consistency to a shampoo

In a cup or bowl, place flour. Add a little water and mix; This continues until the desired consistency.

Wet your hair and apply the mixture to your scalp; Gently massage focusing only on this part. Rinse with warm water, making sure there are no lumps. Finally, use the apple vinegar rinse.

Chemical free shampoos

© emporiorganika

If you do not want to venture to try some of these recipes, the option is to buy a natural shampoo made using traditional methods, chemical free.

There are food stores that offer a wide range according to your hair type – if dry or oily -; shampoo lettuce and rosemary is recommended.

With these techniques, other reducing our environmental impact, we give a break to our hair that is bombarded by products every day.

The books that should be read by every Mexican politician


Some authors that scholars recommend the politicians

If you want to take your political culture you have to read. But in the hundreds of free ebooks and essays that have already been published, what are the most important? consulted two intellectuals to facilitate the search, and with that to avoid that trastabilles like Enrique Peña Nieto when asked by books that marked his life.

“We have to be aware that the less as part of a general culture, and more if we are in the logic that is a public figure, Peña Nieto would have to generate some approaches to literature that will enable to have a knowledge of politics as a profession,” said political scientist Víctor Manuel Alarcón in interview.

The author of the works “Party systems and elections in Mexico City 1988-2010″ and “Political science in Mexico, challenges and dilemmas in his teaching” recommends the following titles.

The shadow of the warlord

Martín Luis Guzmán

“It’s a reflection, especially for a PRI as, he argues, be Peña Nieto.At least to understand how spend them in his party. It is a symptomatic description of what remains the Mexican political class,”said Alarcon.

Mass and power

Elias Canetti

“Great novelist, but here shows other aspects (such as essayist) to learn about the ways in which large companies are wrapped in speeches and rhetoric, and how being promoted under unfinished promises of leaders and warlords.” It is still extremely current.”

The Hedgehog and the Fox

Isaiah Berlin

“A classic work about introspection and characteristics of intelligence, decision and audacity. All a polarity of concepts which the politician has to move continuously, to motivate and guide its action”.

The betrayal of the intellectuals

Julien Benda

“Speaks of the responsibility of those who are members of the media, and, at the beginning of the 20th century in France, from the clergy. In that sense, we extrapolaríamos it with the opinion leaders, authors, and all that we are in the construction of the public”.

Right and left

Of Norberto Bobio

“What he defends really right and left? In the middle of discussions, it examines whether pragmatism allows very different cutting alliances, if democracy can be achieved at any cost. Used to enter the basic premises of contemporary political discourse. It is an always relevant author.”

Manuel Larrosa, political scientist of the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM), shared the following list of fundamental works for anyone who wants to be political in Mexico.

Democracy in Mexico

Pablo González Casanova

“It is a text that opened a way of doing the political analysis in Mexico about the data base hard, statistical and sociological treatment. Their approaches remain in Mexican reality”.

The Mexican political system

Daniel Cosío Villegas

“The author produced probably the best general history of Mexico that exists. The trial went beyond all academic circles, not only in Mexico, but in Europe and United States “.

Minimal history of Mexico

Daniel Cosío Villegas

“A relatively old text, but classic”.

Mexican liberalism

Of Jesus Reyes Heroles

“It is a very valuable text in what refers to the reflection of political liberalism, not economic liberalism.” The text comprises three deliveries, written between 1957 and 1961.

Country of lies

Of Sara Sefchovich

“It’s a devastating text on the political incongruity and the reality of Mexico.”

In its special edition of October last, the magazine who, group expansion, published a list of “key readings” by Angel Dehesa Christlieb. Here you share those books of reference for Mexican politicians:

Soft homeland

Ramón López Velarde

All it had to recite sometime in elementary school. This poem, written in 1921 by the zacatecano Ramón López Velarde, describes a Mexico that newly out of the shocks of the revolution and whose future was still uncertain.

Lopez steps

Jorge Ibargüengoitia

This classic gives us a particular vision about the independence of Mexico, taking the bronze from the heroes and making them flesh and blood.

Christmas in the mountains

Ignacio Manuel Altamirano

Published in 1871, it tells the story of an army captain Juarez that is lost in the mountains and is greeted by a Spanish priest, natural adversaries that are ground in common.

365 days to learn about the history of Mexico

Alejandro Rosas

In a country with more than 500 years of history, there is an interesting event for each day of the year. Alejandro Rosas is not only an excellent historian, but a great popularizer of the knowledge.

The gesticulador

Of Rodolfo Usigli

The masterpiece of the author. A man who by chance have the same name as a hero died in the revolution, adopts his identity to scam a U.S..

And also, to complete your library, we recommend these classics:


The Republic




About the Republic

St. Augustine:

The city of God

Tomas de Aquino:

De Regimine Principum (the monarchical Government)

Thomas more:







The city of the Sun

Francis Bacon:

The New Atlantis


Political writings


Politically, treated theologico-political treatise




The social contract


Two treatises on civil government


Perpetual peace

The regulation of the sex business

The future law of the Generalitat bet that the prostitute decides about his work. Prostitutes will take classes on your own local health. Law of the Government which provides for regulating and limiting sexual services criminalises pimping up to one hundred thousand euros, but it raises a contractual relationship between the prostitute and the owner of the premises. Offer or ask for sex in the street can cost 600 euros.


 Intervene and limit. That is the purpose of the law on “paid outcall escort london services” which prepares the Govern de la Generalitat. So, offer or ask for sex in the street will be penalized with fines – the more mild – up to 600 euros.He is expected to also end with the great brothels and the concentrations of those premises in certain areas, as well as procuring, which will be pursued with the maximum penalties, which reach the 100,000 euros. Also, and according to the working draft which have accessed this diary, the future law – capable yet of changes – aims to pursue human trafficking, sexual exploitation and forced prostitution, especially of women and children. The text aims to, above all, to guarantee the freedom and autonomy of persons who, being of legal age are engaged in prostitution, as well as ensuring their physical and psychic – integrity – and their rights.

Only in premises licensed. The wording of draft – that avoids “the use of the word prostitution, degrading connotations” and proposes the term “sexual services in Exchange for compensation” – establishes that such services can only take place in premises with a legal license, whether they are self-managed by the professionals or rented to third parties. It’s back to the spaces closed and legalized so that the fundamental rights are not violated and thus control the exploitation. In this sense, arises that prostitutes autogestionen in houses with a small number of rooms and without intermediaries, in a clear goodbye to figure from whom from the brothel forces to carry out a certain number of services per day, staying with a percentage of earnings.

The Pact with the client. The person who is prostitute, recognized here as a legal subject, will manage its activity with a double contract: with the client, on the one hand, and the owner of the premises where it provides its services. Thus, establish personally a verbal contract or agreement with the customer, which, “being that a lawful activity”, will be valid. This legal relationship will be leasing services (its civil nature makes it exclusive jurisdiction of the Generalitat) and not of works, so that payment will not be subject to obtaining a certain result. It will be possible, in addition, require payment in advance, and who receive the service is obliged to pay who pays.

Contract with the owner of the LOCAL. Who provide sexual services can sign contracts with third parties which yield the use of property. A contract this time will have to be in writing and the model to be approved of anti-pollution. Those contracts will be registered in a record – confidential – for which is expected to create a “competent Department in the field of entertainment”, according to the mentioned draft. The relevant item that legislates on the prostitute-tenant relationship is that this may not determine the services provided, or the form or the person who provided.

The percentage is over. The price for using the prostituticion-enabled local dependencies must be set explicitly. I.e., the owner of the premises may not sit with a percentage of the profits of the person who provides sexual services. Nor of who receives them. Where that person freely provided sexual services also working waitress, dancer, alternadora, masseur… must be the relevant employment contract. In addition, are prohibited from the prostitute residing in the premises where he works.

A record of BROTHELS. Any establishment that offers or provides these services must be expressly authorized and explicitly prohibit entry to minors. Owners, of course, may not have a criminal record for crimes against persons, sexual freedom, the rights of the worker and of foreign citizens. They may be local bar, canned and without dance floor music; places that offer erotic spectacle – with or without dance-track;houses of relaxation or motels intended to do so, or establishments self-managed by persons who prostitute themselves.

‘INVISIBLE’ prostitution. These establishments may not sit on floors with neighborhood and located less than 250 metres from teaching or local centres where assistance under. They must also keep a minimum distance of 250 meters, although Councils may vary these requirements in accordance with the characteristics of their municipality. You can only access these establishments from public roads, and only from them you will enter the reserved where the activity is carried out. He is prohibited likewise placed on the outside of those local advertising or luminous claims which refer explicitly to that activity. Only the advertising contained in the classified ads of print media that do not contain explicit or nude images will be allowed.

Schedule and security. Prostitution is may not exercise at these venues more than eight hours a day or more than six days a week, making it a record of entries and exits must be: must sign and submit the identity card or passport. The establishment will be responsible for security, both workers and customers.

With condoms or nothing. All persons engaged in remunerated sexual activity will have the right and the obligation to follow regular health check-ups. Not so the customers. These are bound to use condoms and local, to guarantee their access. The Departament de Sanitat will be issued free of charge a health card to those who offer these services. This card, the owner of the premises where prostitution is exercised has the obligation to ask, be credited sanitary inspections carried out.

By the SEXUAL health. The fine for prostitution knowingly have a serious infectious or sexually transmitted disease will be the hardest: 6.001 to 100,000 euros. The same amount will be imposed for demanding sexual services under these conditions. Sanitat will require not only be healthy to the professionals, but it will guarantee them a special attention for these diseases. In addition, expected to the Department to promote and preserve “the physical and mental health of those providing paid sexual services” and to ensure that health professionals “are necessary to adequately serve this sector specific training”.

Health education IN SITU. The Generalitat shall adopt programmes for these people – or even to customers-to educate them on the health, informing of the risks of drug use, to detoxify them alcohol or other drugs and to “assist in their psychological problems arising from the activity of paid sexual services”. These educational programs may be conducted in own facilities where sexual activity is exercised. The clinical history and psychological record of the prostitute shall be confidential.

For those who are want to ‘remove ‘. The Catalan public administrations “should promote and facilitate – adds the draft labor alternatives” for people who are in the need to engage in this activity. Courses, programs, financial aid and foster homes are provided for in the chapter on social services. The last section would benefit those people who follow a program of socio-labour insertion and have no resources, and those whose physical or moral integrity at risk or have been ill-treated as a result of its activity.

Foreigners care. The Government will promote the process of regularization of the immigrant who performs the activity and, if necessary, temporary residence on humanitarian grounds. That they are in an irregular situation or do not have the economic means may request to pay the return to their country.

Infringements. Charge you Commission, exploit it or retain documentation of the sex worker will be considered very serious infringement (from 6.001 to 100,000 euros and withdrawal of licence between 18 and 24 months). Serious fault include the of requiring the use of alcohol or other substances on the premises, which is penaría with the closure of up to 12 months and a fine of between 601 and 6,000 euros.


An Olympic athlete reveals that after finishing his career was prostitute luxury

Suzy Favor Hamilton, United States, has just published an autobiography in which confesses that he has gone through very tough times after living the sweetness of success

Suzy Favor Hamilton

An Olympic athlete turned to an escort service in London. Well it could be the synopsis of a Hollywood film, but not so, it is pure reality, specifically has been the experience of Suzy Favor Hamilton, an Olympic athlete from the United States, after living the success ended falling into prostitution of luxury.

Favor Hamilton tells all in an autobiography published this Monday Fast Girl call. In this book, which has served as therapy, Suzy tells how has been your life after being a recognized athlete of his country.

Suzy Favor Hamilton, Member of the United States Athletics team, formed part of the American team in the Olympic Games in 1992, 1996 and 2000, taking up to seven medals in the 1,500 meter dash test, but his last race in Sydney, will always be in his memory since a stumble made his dreams shattered.

The athlete suffered from a bipolar disorder given the large amount of medicines you should take, was forced to abandon the sport. As side effects produced by drugs, Suzy Favour saw as his sexual desire increased and threw to prostitution as a means to quench that thirst.

“I was drawn to prostitution, since it gave me survival mechanisms when I lived very difficult moments,” said exatleta, who also found a place where went to find success in prostitution. With his alter ego, Kelly Luny, began to be one of the stars of the pleasure in Las Vegas and became one of the most important women of luxury company with close to $600 cache per hour.

However, his secret was, after the American media published in 2012 which was her new life. A story which plunged it into a huge shame, since this facet kept it in strict confidentiality and not his family, knew her that almost leads to death, since the suicide was hanging around in his mind, although it not materialized it and chose to tell her story in a book.

Uses and abuses of marijuana

As a drug, the body until it hits knocked out; but when it is conceived as a remedy, it is capable of mitigating the effects of devastating diseases. It knows its two opposite faces.

Cannabis is the illicit drug most consumed on the planet

Negative effects of marijuana


Marijuana has the dishonor of being the illegal substance more consumed on the planet. According to the United Nations Office for drugs and crime, they currently smoke Maria (or failing hash) between 119 and 224 million people around the world. The figure seems bleak, but it is more if you consider that the average age of home is of only 15 years.

Ingest this substance so early can have irreversible consequences. A recent study of the King´s College in London, Duke University (United States) and the University of Otago (New Zealand) has concluded that smoking dope in adolescence affects the development of the brain and impairs intellectual abilities in the long run.

Both young people and adults, most of the harmful effects of cannabis are associated to the brain; However, it is not the only region in our agency who suffer their adverse effects:

  • In relation to the central nervous system, the consumption of this substance produces effects like euphoria, difficulty learning, decreased concentration, faulty memory or difficulty in speech.
  • It does harm to the given respiratory system being the most widespread way of consuming marijuana smoking. Cannabis causes irritation of the respiratory tract and is a risk factor for the occurrence of pulmonary and bronchial disorders.
  • The cardiovascular system also suffers and the onset of tachycardia is possible if the cannabis is abused.
  • Regular consumption of marijuana relaxes the immune system to the point of making us more vulnerable against the invasion of microorganisms.
  • The action of the marijuana on the endocrine system can cause impotence in men and reduce the production of eggs in the female.

Most of these negative effects of marijuana disappear in the short term, however, abuse can lead to disorders such as anxiety, panic, depression, psychosis, abnormal behavior, lack of motivation or withdrawal.

Some countries allow the prescription of marijuana as a palliative for terminal illnesses

Therapeutic use of marijuana

While marijuana abuse causes harmful effects to health, it is also capable of helping you live better to certain people(Click here for more info). Although its therapeutic use is still very limited, in some countries allows its prescription as a palliative for diseases terminals and neural degenerative disorders. In fact, there are even made with substances cannabinoid drugs.

The key to therapeutic marijuana is in its composition, containing similar proportions of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), which is the substance that boosts the analgesic capacity of the plant. This is achieved by cultivation techniques.

The major palliative benefits that have contributed to marijuana therapy are:

  • Inhibits the nausea and vomiting with those suffering from cancer and AIDS which are subjected tochemotherapy.
  • It acts as an analgesic for pain in diseases such as multiple sclerosisor spinal cord injuries.
  • It stimulates the appetite and facilitates the increase of the weight of patients with anorexia for serious pathologies.
  • Reduces spasms and contractions caused by diseases such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s.
  • Fight anxiety and depression.
  • It contains agents which protect neurons in the event of a traumatic brain injury or stroke.


Aside from all those indications, there must be clear that the fact that cannabis is used for therapeutic purposes does not mean that it is good for the health. Much that is modify its composition to reduce the harmful effects, harmful substances are still present.

The best theme parks in Spain


Spain offers a wide variety of theme parks to suit all tastes. Some of the excursions are undoubtedly, amusement parks, animal and aquatic favorite kids children’s holiday.

If you are thinking about traveling with children by Spain, don’t miss it! Check out our selection of the best parks of Spain to see if any of them will close catches.

Park Europe of Torrejón de Ardoz

Europa Park presents representations to scale of the most beautiful European monuments. You can see next to the kids the famous Tour Eiffel or the Brandenburg Gate not moved away from Madrid! In addition, of course, enjoy hundreds of children’s games like labyrinth laser or the great Tyrolean.

Isla Magica in Sevilla

This theme park you will move to the world of pirates, where you can find games and children’s shows in addition to pirates and heads to a stroll. At la Isla Mágica in Seville you sumergiréis you in 8 thematic areas that will help you to know from old Seville in the 16th century to the Mayan world and pirates lair.

Dinopolis Teruel

The large paleontological Park Dinopolis is the perfect opportunity to combine entertainment and learning on an excursion with children. During the visit, the kids will live and live authentic dinosaur bones, learn about the Big Bang, the life of dinosaurs and their extinction and, if they are brave, will challenge the adrenaline in the fantastic game T-Rex.

Park Warner of San Martín de Vega

No doubt, one of the kids favorites. Entertainment and games are waiting for you to steal you more than one smile at the Warner Park. Do not fail to photograph your children alongside their favorite characters from Warner!

Viajar con niños: parques temáticos

Loro Parque in Tenerife

If you travel with children to the Canadian manufacturer indoor playgrounds, you can miss this theme park. Kids fliparán with its more than 300 species of animals of Earth, water and air and the magnificent live of the Loro Parque. The Penguinarium and Aquarium are super nice!

Parque de Atracciones de Madrid

A classic ever that timeless… If you still don’t know it, please do not hesitate to visit it. The Parque de Atracciones of Madrid has a wide range of games for the whole family, which include the La Pergola carousel, Noriavision and some incredible roller coasters. And for the kids, the children’s area has prepared fun made-to-measure.

Catalunya en Miniatura

The Grand theme park of Torrelles de Llobregat (Barcelona) will allow you to share with your children a trip through architecture and large emblems of the region. Catalunya en Miniatura is an excellent choice for a fun day in family, learning together.

Safari Park of Madrid

For animal lovers, the Safari Park is a forced trip. There, you can enter with your car to explore the nature reserve and see hundreds of animals in semi-freedom. Os as you go to lose?

Parques temáticos en España

Adventure Amazonia

Choose your own adventure in the trees! In Amazon adventure you can choose different routes of suspension bridges and zip lines at different heights depending on your age and physical condition. Check out what parks catches you closer…

Siam Park Tenerife

The Siam Park is located in Adeje, in the South of Tenerife. Lush scenarios, natural gardens and exquisite Thai architectural design make this tourist proposal a place full of entertainment for the whole family. Exciting water slides and animals are part of its offer of leisure children.

Micropolix, a city for children in Madrid

Micropolix is a town in miniature, where children can live experiences such as working in a supermarket or a television set or even learn driver education among many other activities.

The enchanted forest of San Martín de Valdeiglesias

The enchanted forest is a Botanical Garden and theme park with more than 500 plant species from around the world. You will be with your mouth open with his vegetable sculptures!

Port Aventura

PortAventura you will find entertainment for every Member of the family. Playground for children and for older children. A place where the adrenaline will take hold of you!

The nature park of Cabárceno

I’ve known him recently and I have to tell you that if you go to Cantabria is an inescapable visit because it’s awesome. This Natural Park combines the beauty of its landscapes with the spectacle of animals that roam freely in total freedom, in enclosures that can be considered the envy of any Zoo.


The 13 best restaurants for your wedding in the world

You have no venue for your wedding? You wed in Madrid and do not know what could be the ideal place for your link? I put it I easy! Already you will not have to worry about not knowing where to celebrate the wedding, because we have selected 12 best restaurants for your wedding in Madrid where to live an unforgettable evening without leaving the capital. It will have everything: comfort, cuisine of quality and personalized service… Look through our selection and choose the most suitable for your wedding restaurant!

The garden of the innkeeper

Looking for a dream space? Your dream can become a reality in the garden of the innkeeper, where more than 2,000 square meters of garden can make a unique celebration, possible from the cocktail to the afterparty at the banquet. If you also want to perform here also the ceremony, you have three options to do this: simple, complete, deluxe, so you can choose which suits your personality. In this place every wedding is different as each couple. Finally, its cuisine is based on Mediterranean cuisine is remarkable and which will make even the most discerning palates are surprised with such exquisite dishes. Wonderful!

El Jardín del MesoneroFind out more about“The garden of the innkeeper”

Photo: The garden of the innkeeper
El Jardín del MesoneroFind out more about“The garden of the innkeeper”

Photo: The garden of the innkeeper

patio wedding Vancouver

Are you planning an event? The Dockside Brewing Company offers a range of options perfect for groups of 30 to 300. From corporate dinners, wedding parties, tour groups, private receptions or gala events, the Dockside Restaurant has several different spaces available for rental or buyouts and our expert team is fully versed in working through your plans and building menus to please and satisfy your guests while staying on budget.

38 of Larumbe

Larumbe 38 is at your service to design a wedding to measure, taking care the slightest detail to make every celebration unique and different. It has two halls, the writing and the library, and a terrace with capacity of up to 600 Diners. Its exquisite navarro chef offers you impeccable service and a letter in which quality and excellence take precedence above all.

El 38 de LarumbeFind out more about“The Larumbe 38″

Photo: 38 of Larumbe
El 38 de LarumbeFind out more about“The Larumbe 38″

Photo: 38 of Larumbe

The factory of the Braves

The factory of the Braves is located in Valdemorillo (Madrid) and offers you the possibility to celebrate your link in its elegant facilities, which has several rooms with different decoration and size, so you can choose which you like. There you can enjoy views of sensational, as well as a luxury food, offers varied menus so that you choose the one that suits your tastes and preferences of your guests. If something is the factory of the Braves is made specialty in meats grilled with oak wood, a dish that you will delight.

La Fábrica de los BravosFind out more about“The factory of the Braves”

Photo: The factory of the Braves
La Fábrica de los BravosFind out more about“The factory of the Braves”

Photo: The factory of the Braves

In Zalacaín

In Zalacaín is a prestigious restaurant in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid It boasts a spectacular space for events such as a wedding and has the capacity to offer wonderful dinners or meals of up to 500 people seated and 800 standing in the same room. They stand out by offering a exquisite service and a gastronomy in firstso that all weddings are a success. In addition, you have the possibility of adapting to your liking any of nine menus available, since its chef, Elías Núñez, is open to any suggestions to get the most exquisite dishes.

In ZalacainFind out more about“In Zalacaín”

Photo: In Zalacaín
In ZalacainFind out more about“In Zalacaín”

Photo: In Zalacaín

The riding of Tres Cantos

The riding of Tres Cantos is located in a farmhouse of the early 20th century in the urbanization Soto de Viñuelas, Tres Cantos (Madrid). The great professionals that are committed to advise you on everything that is necessary with regard to the celebration of the link, thanks to its experience of more than 20 years in the Organization of events. You can enjoy El Mirador Hall glazed with beautiful views of the gardens, its living the blocks or the attic apartment La Rinconada, places where you will have the chance to taste the menu chosen from among more than 15 dishes. Everything is your choice.

La Hípica de Tres CantosFind out more about“The riding of Tres Cantos”

Photo: Horse riding from Tres Cantos
La Hípica de Tres CantosFind out more about“The riding of Tres Cantos”

Photo: Horse riding from Tres Cantos

Araceli mansion

The Araceli Mansion is one of the ideal places to celebrate your link. It has multiple rooms with capacity for up to 900 people. In addition, the kitchen at el Caserón de Araceli they offer you the best vasco-castellana cuisine, outstanding seasonal cuisine dishes and roast in oven, gourmet a benchmark.

Caserón de AraceliFind out more about“Araceli Mansion”

Photo: Araceli mansion
Caserón de AraceliFind out more about“Araceli Mansion”

Photo: Araceli mansion

The House of Monico

Wedding an English-style gardens? In the House of Monico you can make your wedding as and you will find more than three acres of perfectly manicured gardens for a wedding in the open air. But if what you prefer is a space enclosed for the wedding party, they have three rooms of different capacities in which you can meet your loved ones and celebrate with them the happiest day of your life in the House of Monico. Guests will be delighted by the gastronomic offer of this restaurant, which is characterized by a Mediterranean-style cuisine. If you don’t want to wait to enjoy their dishes, Book table for the holidays and discover a gastronomic quality and current.

La Casa de MónicoFind out more about“The House of Monico”

Photo: The House of Monico
La Casa de MónicoFind out more about“The House of Monico”

Photo: The House of Monico

Restaurant La Pesquera

If you want your wedding to be remembered by the high quality of the cuisine offered at the feast, this is the perfect choice. The fishing offers you the possibility of making the bridal, both religious and civil ceremony and reception. Focus on present a careful decoration and a meal of high quality thanks to a great team of professionals that will make the celebration of your link only.

Restaurante La PesqueraFind out more about“The fish restaurant”

Photo: Restaurant La Pesquera
Restaurante La PesqueraFind out more about“The fish restaurant”

Photo: Restaurant La Pesquera


Miravalle is a splendid complex that has comfortable facilities, perfect for your wedding celebration. An enclosure surrounded by more than 5,000 square meters of gardens where every corner is filled with magic.It also has a playground for children’s use, a great aspect to take into account that children are the forgotten in this type of event. The culinary team of Miravalle offers you the best of traditional cuisine, which you can of course customize to suit your preferences.

MiravalleFind out more about“Miravalle”

Photo: Miravalle
MiravalleFind out more about“Miravalle”

Photo: Miravalle

Ten and a half

A few minutes from the Centre of Madrid is ten and a half, a unique House surrounded by gardens and with different spaces for the celebration of weddings. Account with an own with 15 years of experience catering, that will make your experience and that of the guests is more than it pleasant in a special day.

Diez y MedioFind out more about“Ten and a half”

Photo: Ten and a half
Diez y MedioFind out more about“Ten and a half”

Photo: Ten and a half

Somontes Partridge

A space comfortable and suited to your needs? Choose the Partridge of Somontes and can enjoy a suitable environment to celebrate your Banquet, as well as the wedding ceremony in the gardens. In addition, they present a great variety of menus and proposals to make the most important day of your life will be remembered with affection and joy by all attendees to the link.

La Perdiz de SomontesFind out more about“The Partridge of Somontes”

Photo: Somontes Partridge
La Perdiz de SomontesFind out more about“The Partridge of Somontes”

Photo: Somontes Partridge

Do you want to know more about restaurants for weddings in Madrid? Check out our guide of suppliers. If the idea of celebrating your wedding at a restaurant doesn’t convince you too, you can look for a different place in our selection of the most special places for a wedding in Madrid, some farm wedding in Madrid norte, a farm for weddings in southern Madrid or even a hotel for weddings in the capital. In addition, if you still do not have wedding photographer, you will want you know what are the best photographers in the wedding of the capital. In any case, remember visiting the Guide to marry in Madrid and accomplish everything to be perfect

The 10 lawyers with the best income in the world

The Thai lawyer Wichai Thongthan.

Unusual fortunes to lawyers for success. The richer, the Thai Wichai Thongthan, which has amassed more than 860 million euros thanks also to its tino investments. The list, drawn up by The Richest and lawyer from Tel Aviv, includes three mujeres´y several Americans, but no Spanish.

1. Wichai Thongthan (860 million euros). This Thai lawyer of 67 years, married and father of four children, has become a thriving and active investor. He has represented clients extremely powerful, as the Prime Minister of Thailand Thaksin Shinawatra, and is a Director of numerous corporations in Southeast Asia, as Bangkok Dusit Medical. Its generous personal heritage led him to number 17 of the 50 greatest fortunes of Thailand, according to Forbes.

2. Willie E. Gary (73 million euros). Gary will go down in the history of the legal profession as the founder of the first firm composed only of black lawyers. Charismatic lawyer and extremely media, Willie Gary has won lawsuits against big corporations, such as Disneyland. Forbes magazine has rated him as one of the 50 best lawyers of the United States. Millionaire whim include two private planes called wings of justice I and wings of Justice II.

3. John Branca (37 million euros). American and specialized in the entertainment industry right, Branca is considered the Attorney of the stars of the music. Its clients include The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, The Beach Boys, Bee Gees, Zztops or Aerosmith, among others, although it has also represented publications like Penthouse or Play Boy. Branca always appears in the rankings of the most prestigious lawyers and highest quality in the world. Father of three sons, the godfather of his first marriage was the late Michael Jackson.

4. Joel Segal (29 million dollars). With a successful career as a sports representative in addition to as lawyer, Joel Segal is President of Lagardere Unlimited Football. This American lawyer is said to you have used his title to become one of the managers most powerful sports in the world.

5. Vernon Jordan (9 million euros). Born in Georgia, Jordan is an attorney in the corporate world and a civil rights activist. He was Advisor to the President during the Government of Bill Clinton and currently holds an armchair of Adviser in a number of multinational companies, including American Express, Revlon, or Xerox.

6 ana Quincoces (5.9 million euros), of Cuban origin based in Miami from the child, as well as a lawyer, is a celebrity chef and author of the bestseller kitchen flavor!

7 New York attorney José Báez (3.7 million euros), despite his fortune, has not enjoyed an easy life.Raised in the Bronx, had to leave the Institute when his girlfriend became pregnant and, after marrying her, in the mid-80s entered the Navy of the United States. He ended career 15 years ago, but only in 2005 began to work in Florida, where it is considered one of the best lawyers.

8 Vikki Ziegler (1.8 million euros), born in New Jersey, is a TV star thanks to his prolific appearances in audiovisual media, as well as a writer of success thanks to his book on how to plan the marriage (Pre-marital The Planner). Their mission: avoid disputes in an eventual divorce. He graduated in law at the University of Connecticut and later opened his own law firm specializing in civil litigation and marital problems.

9 California Stacey Gardner (800,000 euros), 32-year-old is known in the United States for its model career ero especially for his role in the NBC television program Deal or No Deal. This competition, known worldwide, has been versioned in Spain by several channels. The last formula based it was issued by four named beyond you! Gardner graduated in law in 2005. She is married to tennis player Mardy Fish.

10 Howard K. Stern (370,000 euros) closed the ranking of the planet’s richest lawyers. It is extremely well known in United States have been the family of Anna Nicole Smith, which also was representative models it.

Prohibited the massage parlours in LaSalle (erotic or not)

Foto: Flickr / DoctorWho (CC)

The massage parlours and escorts east london were forbidden in LaSalle, regardless of whether they are of erotic massage or not. This occurs while the Mayor of Montréal, Denis Coderre, search still a way of tackling these trades, considered as a problem for the city.

The Mayor of LaSalle, Manon Barbe, said that these salons are not allowed in your jurisdiction.

The current regulation allows citizens to open spaces to offer massage therapy and escorts montreal, but can not call the place as a “massage parlor”.

In this regard, Caroline Elliott, responsible for communications from LaSalle explained that “If a centre of this kind offers, for example, erotic massage, the district will immediately contact the police”.

Is worth noting that currently an resident can also offer this type of treatment (massage therapy) in his address for service, always and how much respect the regulation governing this practice.

In the case of the Montreal Centre, the authorities still seek tools to remove these spaces. Already one year has elapsed since the Mayor Coderre made the promise to go against the erotic massage salons.

Mayoral spokespersons have asserted that the main problems that generate these establishments is thatmany are working 24 hours a day and it is common that hire women for erotic – illegally-.

The mayor had established a plan, but by the end of 2013, a judge of the Supreme Court of Canada forced the Federal Government to revise the laws dealing with the subject of prostitution across the country. It was then when Coderre had put its plan on “see”.

All about Bookkeeping and Accounting services

General accounting services and online bookkeeping services

It includes transaction processing accounting registrandolas policies for capturing these in an accounting package, for later print financial reports for decision making, calculation of interim and annual taxes, filling the corresponding formats, payroll calculation and printing of the same, care requirements and personalized advice.


Do, review and timely filing federal and State taxes. Calculate taxes such as the income tax, tax value-added (VAT), corporate tax (IETU) single-rate as well as any other tax burden corresponding.

Fiscal procedures

This service relates to the management of different steps before government institutions which may be:

  • Registration in RFC
  • Address book changes
  • The taxpayer information update
  • Clarification of requirements
  • Clarification of tax credits
  • Refunds and compensation
  • Informational statements

Tax statements

Submit annual, informative, and provisional statements:

  • Monthly statements of income tax, VAT, flat tax and deductions.
  • Statements information as the information of operations with third parties (DIOT), information from the business tax to only rate (IETU), information for customers and suppliers (DIMM), Multiple information of wages and salaries, VAT, withholding, etc.
  • Annual declaration according to the economic activity that the client develops.

Internal audit

This service consists of the elaboration and implementation of internal controls that ensure the flow of information, resources optimization and control for the protection of assets, and eliminate errors of the staff that translates into loss of time and money.

Accountant-tax advice

It includes personalised advice via telephone of existing tax provisions, analyzing stimuli that may be applied to the company at the time, taking care that it meets sufficiently and timely tax obligations and avoiding penalties and inconvenience by the tax authorities.

It includes monitoring the correct application of the accounting principles generally accepted, caring for the correction and opportunity of financial information for decision-making. The purposes being pursued to carry out this supervision is:

  • Promote principles and methods that allow one greater degree of efficiency,
  • Consistent, accurate and timely information
  • Facilitate the monitoring of correct operation, registration and control of operations,
  • Contribute to an efficient internal control,
  • Comply with fiscal obligations correctly and timely.

Fiscal planning

ContaBits Consultores offers the service of tax planning which aims to put on the best scenario anticipated by law according to the activities of a subject, in order to optimize their resources and meet fiscal requirements.

The payment of taxes, similar to other inputs is a cost of the product, therefore, cannot be said which is being fulfilled with the Mission of the company producing the best product at the lowest price if it incurs high fiscal costs.

Fully comply with fiscal obligations means not paying less than what this obliged, but not pay more than what is owed, and this means to be taking advantage of the benefits offered by the law.

If planning itself does not imply a risk, but on the other hand, avoids it, gives security by setting the course with certainty.

Payroll service
This service includes processing by electronic means of the salaries and other benefits that your company pays workers, calculating taxes and social security contributions that correspond to the workers and the company. They are also printed the respective reports such as: payroll and related receipts.


Michael Schumacher, a puzzle after a year of his accident

Michael Schumacher has little is known since it crashed skiing December 29, 2013. It reviewed the chronology

Michael Schumacher, un enigma tras un año de su accidente
On December 29, 2013, Michael Schumacher suffered a serious skiing accident. (Photo: Getty Images) 

 Either a photo or a declaration in the last 365 days: the health of Michael Schumacher is almost more enigmatic today which makes a year, when he suffered a serious skiing accident which was killed.

The website of Michael Schumacher is still adorned with the logos of their six official sponsors as a sign of loyalty. But so far, that is the only certainty around Schumacher, its sponsors supporting it.

His State of health and Wrongful death attorney Boca Raton, on the other hand, remains between questions for the hundreds of thousands of fans who send him without pause messages of love and wishes for recovery. A contrast with releases on Michael Schumacher, published with dropper and always limited to the strictly present, without contemplating any future possibility.

Michael Schumacher, un enigma tras un año de su accidente

The former pilot who on January 3 will turn 46 years, struggle with the aftermath of a skiing accident in the French Alps that left him four months in a coma. The latest information suggests that it is still in a wheelchair, but nobody ventures to speculate about his future, a mystery.

The heptacampeon of Formula 1, suffered head trauma to fall and give with his head on a rock when it skiing at low speed in the winter season on December 29, 2013 French Méribel.

The former pilot was interned in two hospitals – Grenoble and Lausanne – before being transferred in September to his home on the shores of Lake Geneva.

According to the newspaper “Bild”, the mansion of Michael Schumacher in which live also his wife, Corinna, and their children, Gina Maria and Mick, was transformed into a kind of rehabilitation centre and a medical team of about 15 people attending the athlete in the struggle to return to normal life.

The fate of one of the most famous athletes kept in suspense to the public since the early days. There were several attempts to enter the room of Michael Schumacher, one of them of a subject dressed as a priest. Part of the patient’s clinical history was subtracted from the clinic and offered for sale to journalists.

The family of Michael Schumacher asked since the accident that was respected their desire for privacy and his spokeswoman, Sabine Kehm, was limited to communicate that the former broker is making progress, but it has a long recovery ahead.

However, some statements made to sense the difficult stage that passes through Michael Schumacher, a person who always took care of his physical condition.

“Life after a traumatic brain injury is divided into stages. It will make progress, it is what we expect, but this needs time. As in other cases, one can speak of a time scale ranging from one to three years”, estimated in a statement to the broadcaster RTL France Jean François Payen.

Chief of resuscitation and anaesthesia of the Grenoble hospital attended Michael Schumacher after the accident and visit it on a regular basis “to see the progress that makes”.

Also the President of the International Automobile Federation and former head of Michael Schumacher at Ferrari, Jean Todt, said that German health status is improving.

“We can say will probably never be able to drive a Formula 1 car. But it is struggling. His status improves, what is just as important as the fact that is at home with his family”, told RTL French, under whose orders Michael Schumacher won five world titles.

The details came out of the mouth of a colleague of Michael Schumacher, the Frenchman Philippe Streiff, who was paralyzed after an accident on a test in 1989.

Michael Schumacher is best, but everything is relative. It is difficult, because you can not talk. It is paralyzed and has memory problems,”said Streiff to the French radio station Europe 1, the first to report on the accident from German. Without revealing the source of this information, he added that the German communicates through the eyes.

CHRONOLOGY of the accident of MICHAEL SCHUMACHER to his slow recovery

-December 29, 2013: Schumacher suffers strong trauma to the head from a fall while it skiing off-piste in the Alpine resort of Méribel. Your helmet is broken because of the impact and the pilot is transferred in helicopter Moutiers clinic and then to Grenoble, where operated of urgency. His condition is “very critical”.

-December 30: former pilot continues in “very, very serious and serious” and in coma caused by head injury. “We can not talk about the chances of survival. Their life situation is very committed,”declared the doctors. It is subjected to a second intervention to relieve intracranial pressure when doctors removed a hematoma on the left side of the brain.

-December 31: Schumacher shows a “slight improvement” but is not “out of danger” and its status remains “fragile”, inform physicians. The manager of the former pilot, Sabine Kehm, reveals the first details of the accident after hearing the testimony of a companion: the German left the track immediately after helping a friend, came in an area of Virgin snow and turning over a rock lost control and his head collided with another stone.

-3 of January 2014: Schumacher Celebrates 45 years. Hundreds of fans of Ferrari team that won five consecutive world, gather opposite the hospital in the French city.

-January 4: the Schumacher family delivers a camera that the pilot was carrying on his helmet and which could have recorded the accident to the French Gendarmerie.

-January 7: wife of Michael Schumacher, Corinna, requests the media stationed opposite the clinic that leave the place to return quiet to the family and doctors.

-8 January: an investigation confirms Schumacher skiing “at normal speed”.

-January 17: with constant rumors, Kehm ensures that any information about the State of health of the former pilot who “do not come from the team of doctors treating or their representatives should be considered pure speculation”. The last part of the medical data of January 6.

-January 30: the manager confirms that narcotics have been cut to go awakening to the seven-time Formula 1 world champion, but emphasizes that the process can “take much”.

-February 17: after an investigation, the French Prosecutor’s Office determines that external influence on the accident there is no.

-March 16: the team Mercedes devotes Schumacher his victory in the Grand Prix of Australia.

-3 April: the manager assures that there are “encouraging” signs in the process to awaken Schumacher from the artificial coma. “Shows signs of consciousness and waking up,” added Kehm the next day.

-June 16: the representative announced that Schumacher awakens from the coma that was almost six months ago. “Michael left the hospital in Grenoble to continue with its long phase of rehabilitation. It is no longer in a coma”, indicates Kehm. The pilot was transferred to the University hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland.

-June 23: Kehm denounced the theft of medical records of Schumacher. “Only you can feel revulsion and horror”, she said indignantly.

-August 6: the main suspect of having stolen records of Schumacher, an employee of high-ranking air rescue (Rega) Switzerland service, is found dead in his cell in Zurich a day after his arrest.

-September 9: Kehm advises that Schumacher will continue his rehabilitation at home. “In recent months and weeks showed good progress, but still have a long and hard road ahead,” said the manager. According to the newspaper “Bild”, Schumacher is served by 15 specialists in his mansion in the Swiss town of Gland, on the shores of Lake Geneva.

-November 13: 20 years of its first title in Formula one and is awarded the traditional Bambi award in Germany. Kehm and his friend Ross Brawn received the award on his behalf.

-23 November: Kehm said in a television interview that Schumacher “is making progress taking into account the severity of his injuries”, but refuses to venture predictions about his recovery. “He could not give a serious response. It is simply impossible in this situation”

Summer camps for teenagers with mental health problems in Northern California and Northern Nevada

Adolescents with intellectual disorders and learning often feel isolated from their peers and feel that they may not attend a summer camp. However, several sleep away camps for teens in New York and worldwide in Northern California and Northern Nevada are designed for teenagers with disabilities. These camps provide accommodation so that campers can do almost everything a teenager with typical development would experience at a summer camp. The time away from home can also offer respite to families and brothers.

Campamentos de verano para adolescentes con problemas mentales en el norte de California y el norte de Nevada

Summer camps offer the opportunity to develop social skills, while providing fun outdoors.

Camp Lotsafun

Camp Lotsafun is headquartered in Reno, Nevada, and features sessions of camp in the northeast of California at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. These places offer many opportunities for recreation outdoor activities, like swimming, hiking and rope courses. Camp Lotsafun serves those with a variety of development, communication, emotional problems and learning. Trained staff have a therapeutic approach to improve health, fine and gross motor skills, self-esteem, security and self-management skills.

Unlimited camping: Camp Krem

Camp Krem is 60 miles south of San Francisco, in the Santa Cruz mountains. Campers are children of five years or more have a wide range of disabilities physical, emotional and development, such as Autism, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Camp Krem offers three programs: Main Camp, which reflects a traditional camp with arts and crafts program, activities outdoor activities and games; Outdoor Adventure, that gives campers an experience complete outdoor gardening, stargazing, and cooking in the open air; and Travel Camp, where campers visit parks or places of interest in the Northern California and Northern Nevada area.

Camp Altitude West

Camp Altitude is located on the campus of Menlo College in Atherton, California. This camp serves people with disabilities social, intellectual and learning, while a formal diagnosis is not required. To attend, campers must be able to work in a group environment, maintain a conversation with assistance and complete skills of daily living in an independent way. Camp Altitude has a field to sleep away from home for children in sixth through 12th grade, which focuses on the development of social skills, Executive functioning, coping skills and independent living skills.

Nevada CampCare

CampCare is in Zephyr Cove, Nevada, on the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe. Held during the third week of July and serves six to 22 people with learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, and Visual and hearing disabilities. CampCare is focused on providing education and outdoor activities, self-care and socialization opportunities. Musical performance by the campers are brought to the family the last day of the camp

How to improve your singing voice

You’ve been singing for a while, but you have not seen the progress that you expect. It seems that this is something to which you will have to get used to. But fear not! With the proper habits, you’ll sing like idol improve your singing voice


Method 1 of 3: uses your whole body

  1. Make Your Singing Voice Sound Better Step 1.jpeg
    Takes water. If you think that drinking water is good only for your physical condition, surprise: is also great for your vocal health. It takes water to keep your vocal cords hydrated, healthy and ready.

    • Avoid liquids at extreme temperatures. Something very cold will stretch your vocal cords and some very hot could irritate them.
    • If you feel tingling, drink water or tea hot. Avoid milk because dairy products clog your throat and, as always, avoid alcohol. You dehydrate you and your voice.
  2. Make Your Singing Voice Sound Better Step 2.jpeg
    Take a deep breath. Most people have the bad habit of sinking their stomachs and breathing only with the top of his lungs. To have a strong and healthy singing voice, you have to use the rest of your lungs and diaphragm, breathing deeply.

    • While you’re sitting or standing, place one hand on your stomach and push it out each time you inhale and in each you exhales. If you are lying down, put a book on your chest and make sure that it does not move.
  3. Make Your Singing Voice Sound Better Step 3.jpeg
    Tighten the diaphragm when you sing. This will make your voice stronger. (If you don’t know what it is, investigates or ask an adult! is a muscle just below your ribs!)
  4. Make Your Singing Voice Sound Better Step 4.jpeg
    Keep good posture. Keep your feet flat on the floor and imagine a thread over your head, keeping your body in line. So air flows easily through your body, you have to keep good posture.

    • If you’re sitting, do not use the back of your Chair and do not cross your legs.Remember: You are using your whole lungs. Bending you makes it more difficult.


Method 2 of 3: train your voice

  1. Make Your Singing Voice Sound Better Step 5.jpeg
    Get breathing exercises. A note may not be good if you can maintain it. Before working on your voice, you need to work on your breathing. As well as keeping the breathing becomes easier with time, also happens with the long expulsion of air.

    • Start by inhaling during 4 counts and exhale for 8. It increases the exhalation in 4 until you reach 28. You are not increasing the capacity of your lungs; you’re learning how to control the air.
      • Exhale with a hissing sound will make it easier the control air and give a tonal quality.
  2. Make Your Singing Voice Sound Better Step 6.jpeg
    Heat properly. Do not you empezarías a marathon without training, truth? Your vocal chords are also muscles! Heat them, to show the respect that you have them.

    • It starts at middle c and practice go down in semitones until you reach the lower part of your range, working on major scales. Then make it back up to the top of your range. It uses phrases like “Mi Mamá me mima”.
    • Practice exercises for vibration of your lips and sirens. It starts in the lower part of your rank and upload. This is especially useful to open the highest rank.
      • While you do your sirens, use your arms to give their physical quality to the highest rank. It is often easier to reach a high note if you can “see it”.
  3. Make Your Singing Voice Sound Better Step 7.jpeg
    Change your vowels. Many pop singers are victims of being too nasal. If you change your vocals, your voice will have a more developed, classical and dark tone that most likely you hear practiced.

    • Practice with multiple consonants. Begins with ma, me, mi, mo, mu, and then ta, te, ti, to, your. Then with the “z”, “k” and “sh”. In the “u” sound, upload or low half-tone and repeat until you reach the limits of your range.
      • Each voice has vowels that make it easier to reach a note. Experiment to see which facilitates you more.
  4. Make Your Singing Voice Sound Better Step 8.jpg
    Take. Suppose that there is a difference between your voice on your chest and your voice in your head, because of this, you avoid those 3 or 4 dangerous notes at all costs. As a result, the quality of those notes becomes very low. To improve, you have to take risks.

    • Out of your comfort zone. If you are not compliant with the rank or length of a note, practice it. It is the only way in which you will improve. Over time, you’ll have more control. With enough practice, you will be able to manipulate your voice so you can make whatever you want.
  5. Make Your Singing Voice Sound Better Step 9.jpg
    Sing within your range. Sometimes our voices are simply not made for certain notes. If you, you realize that you are having difficulties, low one-eighth, or finds a note in harmony.

    • Listen to what your voice tells you. Perhaps you want with all your strength to be a soprano, but perhaps just not you. But remember: your rank determines not to Tan your voice. Sings with what you have, don’t try to be something you’re not.

Method 3 of 3: get your task

  1. Make Your Singing Voice Sound Better Step 10.jpeg
    Is a vocal coach. You have a professional so that you your habits of singing guide is the definitive resource. Check with your teachers of art at your school or music for information stores.

    • Often, some universities have students who are training to be teachers of singing and teach at a low cost. These students are taking classes in pedagogy and are eager to have their own students.
    • If you are not interested in the job one by one or you can not pay for it, consider join your local choir or at your school.
  2. Make Your Singing Voice Sound Better Step 11.jpeg
    Seeking resources. There is plenty of information online (in addition to wikiHow, sadly). Search videos, different schools concerning training and web sites with tips and tricks for extra.
  3. Make Your Singing Voice Sound Better Step 12.jpeg
    Experimented with different genres. It is possible that your voice will not be suitable for the genres that you hear. Search for songs that you do not normally escucharías in your iPod and pay attention to how your voice responds.

    • Each voice has a different quality. Country singers usually have a nasal voice;jazz singers have a raspy voice. Takes the qualities of your voice and use them.
    • He is said that classical singers can sing whatever, but pop singers can only sing pop. If you want to train, look for classics teachers who give you a balanced repertoire.


  • If your voice is just not cooperating, he takes a break. Your voice probably needs it.Try deep breathing to relax your heartbeat and your lungs.
  • Always be sure to have rested before singing. If you’re tired and languid, so shall your voice. Do not try to sing from the morning. Wait at least 2-3 hours before singing so that your voice will “wake up”.
  • You do not strive until your voice is hoarse. Take frequent breaks and take plenty of water.


  • You do not force. If you force your voice there is a great chance that you be dismayed.

Why is Australia the world’s most interesting coffee (and how do you ‘barista’ while you learn English)

When Howard Schultz visited Milan in the early 1980s, he had a revelation. In hundreds of coffee shops that were happening in the streets of the city, and a lot of cafe business for sale, customers enjoyed much more than coffee; they were having a nice time in a “third place” that was not either your home or workplace.

They could meet, read the newspaper, watch the football… all without obligations or stress (and a cup of coffee in hand).

Schultz took is reflection with you to Seattle, and did not hesitate to apply it to your business. Three decades later, Starbucks is the largest chain of coffee shops in the world.

A cappuccino without foam, please

The novelty introduced Starbucks was the fact of combining the concept of the ‘third place’ with a wider variety of beverages and export it to countries where the coffee culture was not so deeply rooted as in some areas of Europe.

Test to request a “vanilla cream Frappuccino” or a “Caramel Macchiato Espresso” in a traditional European coffee shop… see how they don’t learn. Traditions that inspired Howard Schultz have changed very little with the passage of time.

For example, Unesco describes the Viennese cafes as a place “where he consumed time and space, but you only charge for coffee”. In them it filosofaba, revolutions are planned and wrote. The cafeteria “Les Deux Magots” in Paris was the third space of Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso.

Why change something that works?

The problem with customs is that they can slow down innovation. If a provider has for decades offering good coffee and customers are still eating, there is no why to force change.

Starbucks and company, on the other hand, are large multinationals. Innovative drinks and a third friendly space are simply a way to multiply the benefits.

A country has found the balance between European tradition and innovation from the new world.

The rise of the Australian ‘barista’

Cafés abound in the streets of Australian cities. They arrived in the country with immigrants from southern Europe, after World War II, and they perfectly combines the traditional concept of the third space with the art of the barista today.

As usual in the new world, the Australian Barista adapted European customs, unafraid to experiment with new techniques and suppliers.

What makes stand in this sector to cities such as Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney, is that the culture of the coffee has been developed without the influence of international chains.Starbucks had an aggressive arrival to Australia… and ended up closing two-thirds of its cafes claiming that there was “a culture of coffee very sophisticated” that did not want or did not need a multinational chain.

Program “English + Barista” in Brisbane

If you want to improve your English skills, acquire professional experience and make friends in one of the main destinations for coffee lovers, we have the perfect program for you.

He studied the language and learn the technique of the barista in Brisbane. In addition to a study of an intensive English program, you will acquire a recognized title of vocational training given by indigenous experts. Once you’ve completed the training, you can look for a job for students in one of the great cafes of the city.

This program is not only a strength in your CV, but that allows you to immerse yourself completely in the native life. Working in a coffee shop in Brisbane, you will meet people of all kinds, both the city and the rest of the world.

In the heart of a community

Twenty-somethings bearded writing scripts, young mothers, or a flood of executives; all have in common a passion for grain and the need for a space to enjoy it.

When you are a barista, a whole troop of people depends on your coffee skills for their daily chute, besides to enjoy a good cup while put a day with friends their favorite third.

Working abroad is one of the best ways to improve your language skills while you live an authentic experience. And, best of all, you will bring back home a series of professional skills that will make you much more appealing for companies (in addition to the ability to prepare the perfect coffee!).

The face of cosmetic dentistry

Cómo encontrar un dentista cosmético barato

At the time of improve the aesthetic appearance of the smile of a patient, specialists take into account aspects such as the shape of the face, eyes, gums level, and the size and shape of the lips.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry has taken boom in recent years as people are more aware of the benefits associated with having a beautiful smile.

Obviously, a beautiful smile increases the confidence of the individual, thus enhancing their self-esteem. This is an excellent letter of introduction and help to our personal and professional development.

Cosmetic dentistry allows you to define the aesthetical indicated for each face, harmonizing all aspects that have to do with the beauty of your teeth and smile, achieving a balance in its composition and its form (the relationship between your teeth, its color, texture and position), as in its proportions.


This discipline combines art and science to improve the aesthetic appearance of the smile as well as the health and function of the teeth. The cosmetic treatment must integrate a diagnostic phase including intraoral and extraoral, review of studies, x-rays, photographs, analysis of the bite and smile design.


To make a smile design takes into consideration the Phonetics, shape of the face, eyes, nose, size and shape of the lips, gums level deployment of smile; shape, position, size and color of the teeth to create a harmony between them. These procedures should be performed by the Prosthodontist, or by a dentist who has received formal training in this discipline.

Who are candidates for cosmetic treatments?

Patients who are not satisfied with your smile due to missing teeth, lack of support on the lips, structure

Dental weakened by caries, erosion and wear; shape and size of improper teeth, spaces or diastemas between teeth and stains on the teeth.


What are the most common cosmetic procedures?

Tooth whitening, cosmetic resin, porcelain crowns, porcelain laminates or “veneers”, “Inlays”, ‘onlays’, restorations on implants, oral rehabilitation, recontorneo of gums (Gingivectomy or Crown lengthening).

Written by: Dr. Mark Civin, D.D.S., P.A.

                  Palm Beach Gardens Dentist – Palm Beach Gardens Dental Office.

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Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
(561) 624-2224

What are the causes of divorce in Arizona?

Arizona is a State system of jurisdiction of “divorce no fault” and usually only requires one spouse to declare that there has been a hopeless marriage break so the Court granted the Divorce in Arizona, AZ (technically the dissolution of the marriage is called), in accordance with Chapter 25-316 Arizona revised statutes.

In other States that employ the divorce because, the party requesting the divorce has the burden of proving the existence of the grounds for the granting of the divorce court. Arizona and other States “no fault” have no requirement for the majority of divorces.

Arizona is one of only three States that allow couples, before marrying, choose laws who want to apply within their marriage ending in divorce. The couples will marry in Arizona can choose any of the marital conventions, where they agree attend pre-marital advice to limit the grounds for divorce, or an option call “without guilt.

The causes of divorce in a marriage agreement differ from the joints without guilt. A divorce may be granted in a matrimonial agreement by reason of adultery of either spouse, abandonment, physical or sexual abuse, drug or alcohol abuse, conviction for a felony that could result in a prison sentence or death penalty, if the spouses have lived continuously separate for two years (or a year after a legal separation) , or if the husband and wife agree to dissolve the marriage, in accordance with the revised statutes of Arizona 25-903.

In Arizona, if both spouses in a marriage “without fault” agree that their marriage is irretrievably broken and a judge issues a verdict in this regard, in general, divorce shall be granted after a minimum compulsory waiting period of 60 days. However, if any of the spouses denies that “no fault” marriage is irretrievably, the Court will hold a hearing to consider whether reconciliation is possible.

If either party requests it, the Court can also choose to order their attendance at a Conference of reconciliation in order to determine if the parties can resolve their differences and remain married to both spouses.

Helping find work in Spain

Find employment in Spain is an enormous challenge, as the Spanish labor market is in recession.

The Spanish Government is pushing an economic stimulus plan and support to entrepreneurs and young people to progressively increase the population active in the country. In this sense, the Public service of State employment (SEPE), together with the public employment services of the autonomous communities, form the National employment system, where is “promote, design and develop measures and actions for employment, whose implementation is decentralized and adjusted to the different territorial realities”, as you can be read on the official web site of the Agency.

Managed by the national system of employment and manages what is known as “public employment services” that allow Spanish and foreign citizens to benefit from official plans on development and improvement of work in Spain.

The SEPE, meanwhile, manages various central services and a territorial network of 759 offices distributed in 52 provinces of the country, where stakeholders can manage benefits for unemployment. In addition, it coordinates employment agencies where users can sign up to apply for work.

Some of the most common public employment services offered by the SEPE are access to job offers; access to vocational guidance for employment services, which grouped various activities that can carry out an unemployed to facilitate their incorporation into the labour market; access to support services for self-employment, that help the unemployed to start their own work, guiding you on the basic information for the creation and management of companies.

The SEPE also administers the Plan of voluntary return, whereby the person concerned comes to pay accumulated and anticipated the contributory unemployment benefits, with the condition of return to the country of origin and do not return to Spain for three years.

EURES is another active policy of the SEPE, which can help young people under 30 years to look for a job in any country of the European Union.

Additionally, the SEPE performs research, studies and analysis, State-level, on the situation of the labour market and measures to improve it.

The Spanish Government has also announced the commitment to develop a single portal of employment which concentrate in one place the job offer for young Spaniards.

Recommendations for the pursuit of employment in Spain
Immigrants in Spain can perform certain actions to facilitate the search for work. Some recommendations are:

If you are asking yourself that how to find jobs near me, a recommended way is to obtain a concrete job offer from an employer in Spain before emigrating. This will facilitate, in addition, visa and work permit procedures. To achieve this objective job search services can be used online and in the Classifieds of the Spanish newspapers. Check this video for more detail:

Save the greater amount of funds while awaiting approval of the visa to carry enough money to survive the first six months or a year, if it gets out of work immediately.

Have sufficient flexibility and willingness to accept “temporary” works or works of survival, found out the professional area of interest of the immigrant. These jobs allow you to gain experience and provide an income to pay basic expenses, without compromising the family savings.

Make connections or relationships, called “networking”, in English. Try to meet as many people and trying to have a social life active. Even from the country of origin, it is possible to meet and communicate with Spaniards and Europeans resident in Spain or with Hispanics and latinos already established in that country. forums are an excellent place to begin the network of professional contacts.

Take advantage of all government resources available to support the immigrants.

Assess practices at work, internships or work experience usually without payment programs. They are considered to be the gateway to the world of work and encourage the acquisition of experiences and connections.

If possible, conduct formal studies, courses or postgraduate programmes in Spain. Thus perfect language and acquired a Canadian title, which will improve the chances of employment.

Always remember the real motivations that led to emigrate to Spain. Put the successes and gains versus the challenges and difficulties in the balance. Highlight the benefits that brought the new country to the person concerned and make a plan to go forward.

Consider Spain as the gateway to Europe and to other labour markets more dynamic and competitive as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden. They are, of course, labour seats that require other skills, including language skills.


How many types of dental appliances?

Orthodontics, that is the treatment which are usually use dental appliances, is very common in humans, since a large percentage of the population needs a restructuring of its teeth.

There are many people who carry dental braces, although there is a majority who hasn’t chosen type on it, that it has not chosen, but has been carried away by the dentist, it is perfectly normal and usual, since it is the dentist who best knows what suits the teeth of the patient.

With this text, what we ask is that you know a little better the types of dental appliances that exist, so have so clear what can be best according to age or according to each person’s needs.

Types of dental appliances

First, we can make a distinction between fixed dental appliances and removable dental appliances.

-Fixed: these are the most common, since they are which best solve the orthodontic problems, relocating and aligning the teeth in an effective manner. It is the case of the brackets.

-Removable: they are used, primarily, for less serious malocclusion problems, so only indicate in very specific cases. It is the case of the technical invisalign.

Note that in some patients it is necessary a conjunction between the removable dental appliance and the fixed, according to the indicated problem.

Secondly, today it is also distinguished between visible dental braces and invisible dental braces, as we will see below.

Acording to braces singapore online, we leave you with every kind of dental appliance:

1. metal Brackets: are the most common, popular and traditional. It is a fixed, visible, dental device which is usually manufactured in steel. It is currently often make distinction between traditional braces and Damon, much more comfortable and effective system, which is also softer with the teeth.

2. aesthetic Brackets: also known as ceramic brackets, are somewhat less visible than the metal.The major drawback is that they are less resistant, so the patient should be careful. Now you can choose between brackets of Sapphire (better quality and more transparent) or porcelain brackets.

3. lingual braces: perhaps the least known. They are the invisible orthodontics sector, since they are placed behind the teeth, without you to see at a glance. They bothered very little, because its thickness is lower.

4. Invisalign: is inside the removable invisible dental braces. These aligners are unseen and have the virtue to be removed without problems, to eat comfortably or a best oral cleaning. 

[MOVIE]: Preview of Insurgent in Spain + Contests

Good news started! Although we had bad luck and we are left without premiere in Spain , plus the film does not hit theaters until our April 1, yes we have something special in our country …

The next Wednesday 25 , at 20h , will be held at the Kinepolis cinema in Ciudad de la Imagen (in Madrid) the PREVIEW Insurgent online free. A preview is not a premiere, the actors do not come or any activities organized for fans (at least that has been my experience in other previews). Just a lucky few have the opportunity to enjoy the movie a few days before it is released (and others envy us : P ).

The tickets and divergent T-shirts can not be purchased, s and spread through competitions on different websites. Then we will collect all the contests that go to get tickets. Good luck to all you partake!

eOneFilms Spain on Facebook:

To participate, you must answer the 9 questions will be posted on the Facebook wall. You can win tickets and merchandising packs.

Block questions

 Yu :

To participate, just be Vodafone yu and answer these two questions correctly:
What faction chooses Beatrice Prior to not be discovered as Divergente? • How is called the actress who plays the title role?
If you are one the first 20 yusers you get, plus tickets, exclusive gift pack film. fantastic portable speakers for your Smartphone and molona case for your tablet

Participate and bases: ? sk = app_350174571764134

Finally, remember that you can already book your tickets for the April 1. And do not let pass the opportunity to get a copy of “Four: A book Divergent saga” with our international draw.

Why overseas dentists are cheaper than in Spain?

Prices for dental treatment abroad lower than in the European Union and in the United States determines many people solve their dental problems abroad.

This phenomenon was named the dental or dental tourism in Albuquerque has achieved a dynamic in recent years.

By now we all know what are the  advantages of dental tourism , but we have one more question:  Why are so cheap dentists abroad?

The difference in  price for dental treatment in Moldova  is so great that many wonder whether such savings are not quality. And it is very likely that this will try to convince the Spanish dentists (they do not want to lose the benefits, among others, are not small).

I want to assure you that in Moldova dentists use the same materials and the same tools and methods worldwide. Foreigners arriving in Chisinau, Moldova have the possibility to treat teeth in the best dental clinics and dentists best Albuquerque.

 So what is the secret of the “Affordable Dentist in Albuquerque NM” abroad (Albuquerque )?

There is absolutely no secret – the fundamental difference is that in Moldova everything is cheaper compared to other countries.

  • Rent a commercial space, the capital of Moldova, Chisinau costs on average 6-12 € / m2, while in Madrid-20-29 € / m2. ( source )
  • The average salary of a dentist in Moldova is 150-500 € per month in Spain is € 3000-4000. ( Source 1  Source 2  source 3 )
  • The same applies to the cost of electricity, water, heating, advertising expenses and administrative costs.

From here you can explain this significant difference, especially when the patient requires expensive dental care as full mouth reconstruction.

 “But as for travel expenses and lodging? No outweigh the potential savings? “

In most cases, the treatment will not last more than 10 to 12 days. To live in an apartment costs on average € 30 per night meals around 10 €. The flight (eg, from Madrid to Chisinau and back) costs around € 250-300. Total expenditures are about 600-800 €.

Placing a single dental implant and a crown of metal-ceramic in Moldova, you can repay the cost of the flight and life. Everything else is your savings.

The visit to the dentist in Moldova will leave a lot of pleasant experiences and, above all, give you a beautiful smile and confidence for a lower price than you imagine. To know the cost of dental treatment abroad (Moldova) requests a totally free quote from our cheap dentist.