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The best 15 movies to see this summer

Las mejores 14 películas para ver este verano

Already prepare the popcorn! This summer could be the season’s biggest blockbuster ever registered. And it has all sequels, reboots and new stories to enjoy. From the world of the dinosaurs that turn up to the true origin of the Minions, this summer will be very busy with so many films.

Here are 14 most expected films recommended by putlocker. Go to reserving a seat in the cinema. Or you can just stay at home and watch these movies on xmovies8

Super Girl

Supergirl is an upcoming American television series developed by writer/producers Greg Berlanti, Ali Adler and Andrew Kreisbergset to air on CBS. It is based on the DC Comics character Supergirl (Kara Zor-El), created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino. Supergirl is a costumed superhero who is the biological cousin to Superman and one of the last surviving Kryptonians. The series was officially picked up on May 6, 2015 after receiving a series commitment in September 2014, and will debut on October 26, 2015. Click to watch super girl online.

Avengers: Age of Ultron 


The first of two epic parts that bring us back the superheroes that we love. Men are grateful to Marvel, it is the typical movie you can enjoy with their girlfriends without any complaint. They love the actors and they love superheroes, better impossible combination.


Fantastic Four

4 fantasticos

Already ten years passed since the last film of ‘The fantastic four’, which was not so successful. But this promises to be a spectacular remake. Just in time after a restart of the Marvel comics franchise. Knowing that director is Josh Trank advances us to be convincing special effects that will leave us amazed.




The superhero film “Ant Man” joins. Another Marvel bet, although this comes with few pretensions. But their unstable production and his trailer without grace are not enough to desesperanzar us, Ant-Man with its incredible cast (Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd) can still leave us open-mouthed.


Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

Mision imposible

So, Mr Cruise returns to the favorite role of all. We know more or less what will happen in the film, the same as always, but we look forward to seeing it. It is sure that it will satisfy fans of the first four films, but unlikely that win new followers. But come on, who is not a supporter already?


San Andreas

San Andreas

“Dwayne ‘ the rock ‘ Johnson this time plays a pilot of helicopter on a mission to save his daughter after an earthquake hits Los Angeles. Nothing new, but adrenaline to offer.



Disney's TOMORROWLAND..Casey (Britt Robertson) ..Ph: Film Frame..©Disney 2015

This family adventure is inspired by a set of Disney parks that shows how it could be the future. It offers us a kind of fantasy world with George Clooney in the lead role.Do not know that to expect, but let’s give it the benefit of the doubt and wait to surprise us for good.


Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2

Comedy that we loved in 2012 again and we hope to make it to delight us again.Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Skylar Astin and beloved Rebel Wilson this time travel to Germany to compete in the World Championship of a cappella. Taking into account that the entire cast from the first movie is present, I have no doubt that it will be as fun as the first. Already the trailer ahead us scenes for the laugh.


Ted 2

Ted 2

The teddy bear that every parent would hate to give to your child is back. This time he is trying to have a baby with his girlfriend using a sperm donor. It might be very interesting Ted’s father, don’t you think? Sufficient reason to believe that we are going to deliver the same humour of the first film.




Small yellow men we all love come with their own film. No one can deny that what gave excited to ‘Despicable Me’ they were, and that got their own place on the big screen. Following the Minion race from their prehistoric origins to the present day, the film takes us on an adventure ranging from dinosaurs to Napoleon Bonaparte. A movie awaited by the kids and the not so young. Admittedly, all it would like to see.


And not only that, will be a summer to travel back in time. Hollywood returns to its files to reviving old successes. And we love it!


Mad Max: Fury Road


With three previous films and twenty years after his last film “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”, once again the man who roams the desert in his roadster spoofed for problems in a post-apocalyptic world. This time Mel Gibson, but incarnated by the muscular Tom Hardy and with Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult as part of the cast.Trailers give a sensation of chaos with the fierce action that made the first three films so memorable.


Terminator Genisys


A new Terminator to the tab. Arnold returns as an aged T-800 with Jason Clarke as mayor John Connor. The action of the film promises to be as the principles of the 1980s, such as the first Terminator that caught us with the “Hasta la vista baby”.The rumor that this will be the first of a trilogy, is already confirmed the second part for the 2017.Confiemos where it can engage us and leave us wanting more.


Jurassic World


Dinosaurs and their fantasy world are back to fill us with adrenaline. Two decades after ‘Jurassic Park’ original, we headed back to the island of Nubla. Without Spielberg film this in the hands of director Colin Trevorrow. Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Vincent D’Onofrio, promise to make the best of this remake. But of course that what we expect to see are the dinosaurs, the real stars.




This not going to want to see only in your House. A new version of this terrifying and successful 1982 film starring Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt. Nothing new for this season, a couple who lost their daughter in a ghostly dimension in his haunted house in the suburbs. But still awaited eagerly.




The Renaissance of a series of comic films that a few lucky got to see from 1983 to 2003 (ten years of a super fun family adventure). This is a sequel, but telling the same story as always: the Griswold family takes a road trip. But now it is the turn of the new generation. A Rusty already adult drags his family Wally Park, recalling fondly when I visit a child, something that occurred in the first of the films. Linda option to remember old times and have a good time with family.


Many amazing films to entertain you in the summer.

The photo booth in Spain

At worst ‘God save me or the devil take me with him – I come to spend what Generalissimo, I do not understand politics. But I say, in my ignorance, it would be desirable in the vain attempt to save the regime we had just not fucking democracy, even if you have to, should be in the position of having to choose, prefer vice versa. 

All Spaniards are the fourth turn, to a greater or lesser extent “necessary cooperators” while helpless victims of what is happening. As Serrat sings, “is never sad truth, which is no remedy.” 

Albert Boadella that “Catalonia is unrecoverable,” because you can not fight two generations educated in the hatred of the Spanish says. (…) More troubling, if anything, is that the irretrievable container, broken glass, bears the label of Spain, who goes around naked, as the king of Hans Christian Andersen. 

The robbers have robbed the house of Belén Esteban and have led to lace panties Princess of the people. One of these case with the Iberian farmhouse, which trotted you will end up taking a hostión of April 14 at the edge of the heated pool, as Carmen Lomana in Splash. 

Write Inda that “the simple picture of the Infanta Cristina Castro appearing before the judge, will do more harm to the first institution in the country that all Republicans together in 38 years juancarlismo efficiently.” 

Eduardo goes left over from reason, although it remains to see Cristina do the little walk.Well would however not get so peliculero and melodramatic to enhance their heroic contribution to the lost cause of democratic regeneration, and instead of sticking both mucus, do an exercise in humility after reading the column Raul del Pozo and recognize that much office to learn from reporters really race still has. 

We scared shitless by nuclear threats from Kim Jong-un, the Falete in Southeast Asia, and do not repair that there are much more disturbing and bloody that the downfall of monarchies, which have been threats where best is always in exile . 
The undersigned does not deprive him luck snack that can run the Royal Family, not family, which I deeply hope all sorts of adventures, but as royal. What really should concern us is that the institutions come down categorical sense, because then we’ll really find out how much is a crown that is not exactly the one wearing the king of clubs in the deck of Heraclius Fournier. 

Spain under suspicion is itself a sinister intentions judgment. Non petita Excusatio, accusatio manifest. We would end before and we would be cheaper if Gallardón, Notary Mayor of the Kingdom, Minister ordered enable fairgrounds House as courtroom, as when the macro view of rapeseed. They could go marching one by one, not so much “women who smoke” and hustlers who make the street to the auditorium doors, but all defendants who have been crowding in court waiting to sit on the bench, from pickpockets and sewer branch to the Dukes who brought disgrace and lead us to ruin. 

Victoria of Sweden has had to abandon his rest on the coast of Almería overwhelmed by paparazzi. Pity zagala! (…) This writer is about to do the same with Spain, verily fleeing to Alaska, even knowing risk of encountering Bárcenas. 

National Board of PP: Finding Nemo. Barnyard Roosters excused their presence and Mariano, the first third of flags, finished applauding his ears subordinates. 

Prietas rows, minions make the wave again the leader. The faithful flocked to the five songs ready Swan launched by the muezzin from the minaret of Genoa thirteen, with the only hope to check in person that The Boss was still alive. There were even those who came to touch the hand ready to put him in the side, emulating the Thomas Gospel, to make sure it was not a hologram. They had cheered as Tina Turner, who are we home, although he had insulted them. These are surrounded by cepilleros who can not bring anything good. 

Although the glory took the disciple Diogenes of Sinope, because it had more pull than his master, was Antisthenes, the founder of the Cynic school, the eccentric barrel, who left said the flatterers are worse than crows, because while the crows eat the body of the dead, flatterers devour the souls of the living. Many of the idiots who made his fortune as courtiers should take to recogepelotas to audition for the Madrid Open. 

Spain is portrayed daily El País, which was once a major newspaper, and today serves neither to wrap the fish, but only for so brilliant colleagues as Anabel Díez, well worth pursuing buying it for the greater glory and splendor of Cebrian. 

That pamphlet paisino resort to photobooth hire melbourne, can be explained even without a pass. Retrospective fallacy: you judge the past on the basis of this (…) But the morbid Spain take the bait bait strung with shit on skewer, has no forgiveness possible. 
There are expectations Nunez Feijoo, one of the anointed in the succession race with more projection in the boat of PP, which have been diminished after the blissful background aboard the sloop of Marcial Dorado smuggler, the friend who came out frog, makes it an egg years; but the electoral expectations of Rajoy, who will end up doing good to Zapatero. 

It can only be one, as in Highlander, before greyhounds who aspire to pepera highchair consume conspiracy and end up digging the trapera dagger between them until only standing the alpha male, after burying the hatchet in back to all rivals. 

We complain of political disaffection, but go that is not equal to or more justified journalistic disaffection. Jean Paul Sartre: Nausea. Clearly, more arcades causes listen to Chinese white ponytail suggesting the desirability of setting limits to the press beyond the Criminal Code. 

The photo of the week has not been, in my humble opinion, the summer snapshot of Alberto, but fronted by attorney Yolanda Molina, former wife of terrorist Thierry, the daily El Mundo took his cover all of it takes a energúmena, calling the French doctors rabid dogs, having dispensed a savage and inhuman treatment the former head of ETA, you will need more than mercy. 

I worry that we know an egg is colonizing the zebra mussel; but more alarming me seems to colonize us tontuna and Montoro has decreed the right to relief the bingueros. 

If we do how we do it is because we trust our fortune “Chiquiticos birds” as Maduro recalling that appeared to him in a dream incarnate ghost Chavez. Here in Spain, do not know how we managed, but only appear to us birds. 

With such a scenario, you’d better take advantage Mariano trip to Rome to ask the Pope Francis to pray for all of us, because we will need. In one of these we read rights on the tail of Carrefour.

Written by

José Antonio Ruiz


The Spanish who dethroned ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

“I wrote ‘ Are we slept together? ‘ because he was angry. ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ (CSDG) has sold 15 million copies and it is a bad book in every way especially two as I am outragedme. does not have any, or vital “literary value.Andrea Hoyos, the author of the story that has driven EL James in digital sales of Amazon, it has outraged the success of the trilogy that has revolutionized the literary scene in recent months. “I think a poor text, limited, geek, paternalistic, goofy … I think that the problem of ‘Fifty Shades’ is to call literature: it is a fairy tale with penetration, clothes, sadomasochistic techniques and little psychology.Women are not, do not want and do not excite us as well. We are a thousand different ways, each different, but not that. “

Perhaps for this reason, the publicist of 37 years, with no previous experience in the publishing world, has caused quite a stir by publishing an erotic story that applies elements of the formula CSDG (you know: powerful man smug-woman fascinated by its charms-torrid affair), but far from the hackneyed stereotypes that many joys been reported to EL James. “I wanted to see whether I could do otherwise. If you write sex to sell and people to read, write; but it is well written. Pain gets, gets illusion, talent gets, gets sex, and skin gets really gets “he says.

Let no one expect a naive virgin entranced by a mature driver. In ‘Are we slept together?’sex, disappointment and dalliances between who took power in a relationship are areas in which the protagonist, Andrea (also publicist), moves with ease. “Andrea has (like me) 37 years. If at that age was a demure virgin, if she had not fucked, it would be a Martian or a sick, “says the author, who says his heroin” is a woman who has lived, who has loved and been abandoned, is a woman knowing that a man is not everything and still seeks love and be giving smacks. She is a woman like almost all I know, that does not deceive themselves. “ A story adapted to the times that run in response “to the geeks and redemptive profiles that estilan in some literary fictions. Because, apart from the books and movies, I know men and women who also want to believe that, that all the aunts want to get married, control and let parents. “


‘Are we slept together?’ has outsold ‘Fifty Shades of Grey PDF‘ on Amazon

Photo: Raul Arias

Hoyos says he was “surprised” by the sales of his first story (Amazon does not provide exact figures of their best sellers). “My fear was that I could not promote in any way: without money, without wanting to give my name to avoid unwanted weird looks and recognitions, without media …”. Despite his fears, in a few weeks ‘Are we slept together?’has managed to overtake the three titles of EL James. “After the first day it was sold because recommended in their accounts of Twitter a few friends, it is now running word of mouth is being sold because it is good, not because it is fashionable or means what they have dubbed the last publishing phenomenon. And, really, I live with pride and hope: if it sells what is true, what is skin, which has quality … same is that no future, “said hopefully.

Perhaps Hoyos opted to market their story to rebel against simplistic literary archetypes, but clearly could not have done best. The reviled ” porn for moms “destroys everything, even with untouchable genres such as science fiction. Last August, in full swing of the phenomenon, the British booksellers warned of a decline of up to 25% on sales of fantasy novels, which could reach 30% if treated horror stories. If you glanced atthe list of bestsellers in fiction, eight of the top ten titles were erotic novels.In Spain, however, still scope and impact of Hurricane James is unknown. From the Federation of Publishers’ Association of Spain (FGEE) say until next year they can not assess the consequences of CSDG market.

Without the ability to have official ratings, just take a look at the developments in the sector to understand how far you can get the fever for the new female erotic. If some have chosen to raise the tone of literary classics, the more astute have chosen to republish (and adjust the marketing model CSDG) one of the books that Christian gives to Anastasia in the first part of the trilogy. It’s ‘Tess of the D’Ubervilles’ by Thomas Hardy. Now converted into ‘ Tess ‘(Ed. Backlist) and cover a much more suggestive than it had in the past, the novel tripled its sales in the UK after Erika L. James confirmed that reading had inspired him to write erotic saga.

andrea hoyos

Andrea Hoyos plays (semi) Anonymity with its premiere in publishing

Photo: Andrea Hoyos

If at the beginning of the economic crisis some targeted fashion refuge in the post-apocalyptic horror paranormal offering movies and series, it seems that what sets us now, pun, get a hundred. Explaining if not all clones of the trilogy on the shelves of your local bookstore, the rise of merchandising fetish for couples crazy to imitate Christian and Anastasia, or even some specialized photographers take advantage of the literary pull to the resurgence of ” boudoir “in the most intimate perched.

The author of ‘What We slept together?’ however, denies tags. “What is erotic female? Because I do not know. I am a consumer of literature and I have put (horny, that is) texts of all kinds. Manara , of course, that it stole from my brother. And ‘The Ages of Lulu ‘Almudena Grandes. But also, and more, people like Philip Roth.There is a passage in ‘ Sabbath’s Theater ‘with which I have masturbated often intellectually and physically. “ It seems that is not the only support this theory. Look if not these girls as they read passages from Walt Whitman or Bret Easton Ellis. Read, now more than ever, it’s a pleasure.