An Olympic athlete reveals that after finishing his career was prostitute luxury

Suzy Favor Hamilton, United States, has just published an autobiography in which confesses that he has gone through very tough times after living the sweetness of success

Suzy Favor Hamilton

An Olympic athlete turned to an escort service in London. Well it could be the synopsis of a Hollywood film, but not so, it is pure reality, specifically has been the experience of Suzy Favor Hamilton, an Olympic athlete from the United States, after living the success ended falling into prostitution of luxury.

Favor Hamilton tells all in an autobiography published this Monday Fast Girl call. In this book, which has served as therapy, Suzy tells how has been your life after being a recognized athlete of his country.

Suzy Favor Hamilton, Member of the United States Athletics team, formed part of the American team in the Olympic Games in 1992, 1996 and 2000, taking up to seven medals in the 1,500 meter dash test, but his last race in Sydney, will always be in his memory since a stumble made his dreams shattered.

The athlete suffered from a bipolar disorder given the large amount of medicines you should take, was forced to abandon the sport. As side effects produced by drugs, Suzy Favour saw as his sexual desire increased and threw to prostitution as a means to quench that thirst.

“I was drawn to prostitution, since it gave me survival mechanisms when I lived very difficult moments,” said exatleta, who also found a place where went to find success in prostitution. With his alter ego, Kelly Luny, began to be one of the stars of the pleasure in Las Vegas and became one of the most important women of luxury company with close to $600 cache per hour.

However, his secret was, after the American media published in 2012 which was her new life. A story which plunged it into a huge shame, since this facet kept it in strict confidentiality and not his family, knew her that almost leads to death, since the suicide was hanging around in his mind, although it not materialized it and chose to tell her story in a book.