About us

Who we are … a way of making television

Canal 6 Navarra has become the television of reference in the autonomous community with proven solvency since 2002. Canal 6 Navarra looks to the future with optimism thanks to the response and support from the spectators. At present it is possible to tune their emissions in almost all of Navarre through analog signal and also through operator ONO .


The headquarters of Canal 6 Navarra is located in the industrial area of Berrioplano , five minutes from downtown Pamplona. In this office, the regional chain has facilities of thousand square meters divided into 3 levels. Modern facilities with ample workspace where it dominates the glass and natural light. In addition Canal 6 Navarra has an office in Tudela that provides all the contents that could be covered for issue. More than forty people working on this project for a production itself that is around 50 hours a week . All production processes, from image recording, editing and postproduction are made ​​with digital technology .


Canal 6 Navarra is present at events and events of interest to the residents of the autonomous region. Shows, sporting events, galas, festivals, etc. Channel 6 has mobile units that facilitate the implementation of programs outdoors and enables the broadcastlive from the most important events of Navarra.