A round of applause to Google for leaving Spain ridiculed around the world

They are curious moments in which one feels shame not as individuals but as belonging to a collective, to something greater. In my case, today, be Spanish. And what I feel is the deepest of the ridiculous.

Early in the morning they began to sound the first notes prior to the disaster, and with the first lights of the morning came the confirmation: Goodbye to Google News and top-google.com in Spain. It is a direct result to the new intellectual property law (which explain very well how affect you here) and another more than shows that Google is above any unnecessary drama: If a country gangster modified their laws with greed, they are turned and closed the door as they leave. There is more.

The irony of the matter, and even comic if required, is the position of the media AEDE right now. Imagine, for a moment, the reaction to open the newspaper or heard the radio this morning (I’m assuming that read it online is a step too advanced for them): “how? How close? “.”

Seriously, what you expected?

The position of a means of AEDE currently is the following: instead of make a voluntary source (no one obligated to be there), constant and considerable visits decided to turn round against the hand that feeds them, and express laws through, demanding money they wanted in addition to visits. It is like that is outraged and vociferously to something that comes free and which rejects by nothing more than a deep ignorance. Google, probably with the most sovereign of the aburrimientos, has shrunken shoulder and has turned. What remains for the rest of us (eye, AEDE or not, means of communication or not) is absolutely nothing.

Un aplauso a Google por dejar en ridículo a España a nivel mundial

As well some points the true canon, the true rate Google will occur when many of those means have to resort to Google AdWords (of payment) to compensate the losses by the absence of Google News. Because in one way or another it will happen, and it will be fun when it does.

It is likely then that more than one promoter of the LPI begins to feel that feeling deep inside, it seems that unknown up to now, ridiculous. The most profound and all of them. That is what Google has done with Spain worldwide and without flinching too. And thank you, really, because it was already playing.