95% of stores of electronic cigarettes in Spain has closed

As the steam emanating products, electronic cigarettes stores have vanished from Spain. Over the past year 3,000 specialized premises which at least 2,700 have taken the closure, opened according to data from the National Electronic Cigarette Association (ANCE) . A rapid rise and fall as it is difficult to find a parallel in other economic sectors.

“It has been a very intense attack on the product by the pharmaceutical that has degenerated into a bad publicity collection in the media,” says Alejandro Rodríguez, vice president of ANCE. According to his version, in 2013 too many shops, regentadas sometimes by unskilled staff who were not able to recommend the best for their clients were opened. “A clear misinformation, therefore one side or the other,” said Rodriguez, who expects a resurgence of business. “In other countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom also this decline occurred in the third year and fourth rebounded. In the Spanish case everything went faster,” he concludes. Catalonia, Andalusia and Valencia are the regions that best maintain the type, while in other regions the business has gone.

When I arrived I was scared a lot. At 200 meters there were three stores of electronic cigarettes.Three! Then I knew we were going to fuck

The shop owners agree to some extent. Enzo, born in the Italian city of Verona, landed in Spain for nine months to put an electronics store cigars in Alcala Street. Wine, like other compatriots, hoping to export a business in Italy has shown consistent. Your local remains open, but acknowledges that the sales volume has dropped since September. “When I got scared me a lot. At 200 meters there were three stores of electronic cigarettes. Three! Not to mention watertight also offer dispensers … crazy. As soon as I saw it I knew that most were going to hell” Teknautas explained.Assuming endured several months of losses.

Between the setting and the Market Crash

How did he survive? “Because I have a personal relationship with my clients. I know their names, I know what and how vapean (as they call the action of smoking on these devices) and I recommend the best for them,” he says. Enzo recognizes the poor preparation of their competence, but looks more reasons to justify the closures. “Here there was a boom of product, people thought it was a magical smoking cessation remedy and no. It seemed that the market was infinite, there would be for everyone … and we can not deny that many of our clients have returned to normal snuff, although no one will recognize you, “he says.

Manuel decided to undertake in this area when he and his wife came up with the first electronic cigarette. Ever smokers believed see on the device the solution to his addiction to nicotine. “Capitalize on unemployment and I pushed the envelope head” he says. He set up shop across the street from Bravo Murillo, near the roundabout of Cuatro Caminos. He held it open from February to July. “At first we took away from the hands of the product, it was hard to find a provider horrors that would fill me the windows. He went as usual, that people will leave and return to snuff … is to think about it, you run out of battery one day having a few beers and you have two options: either go home or you buy a pack of snuff “. He chose the latter option, however vapeando his wife continues: “Buy online at qualityecigs.co.uk” he laughs.

Manuel does not rule out return to business if you see an opportunity.“They should legislate seriously, based on scientific studies. The profit margins are not bad, especially in liquids, but is horrible to have to explain to customers every day because they have read this or that”.

No scientific literature

According to ANCE, in Spain there are 900,000 active users of electronic cigarette, a modest figure compared with five million living in UK. Due to its recent arrival on the market in about five years, there are no conclusive studies on their impact on health. Much of the research have been published are suspected of being financed by stakeholders, and others do not have a sufficiently extended over time shows.

We know that are unsafe products , creating contain nicotine addiction and are not intended to quit. However, there are still doubts about the role of passive vapeadores, and remains as to what the rating that will give the medical authorities , less concerned about this issue now that his popularity has plummeted. Insurance issues will be answered if the surge predict from ANCE occurs.